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Post #150863158 added 11-08-2021 7:59 AM by Tandan in Hot Deals
This is still active. We have a storage of cat food in our area forecasted to last until at least the end of the month. These rates beat out local B&M stores.
Post #150652780 added 10-30-2021 7:29 PM by ryans7934 in Hot Deals
I'd listen to tufts veterinary school before any type of food review blog... https://vetnutrition.tufts.edu/2019/12/pet-food-decisions-how-do-you-pick-your-pets-food/
Post #150370693 added 10-18-2021 9:04 AM by MrSkeptic in Hot Deals
Now, that's hilarious: believing Amazon anecdotal user reviews from the Great Unwashed instead of a scientific review of ingredients.
Post #150370597 added 10-18-2021 8:59 AM by soloma in Hot Deals
I'm very skeptical about catfooddb.com - it looks like pseudo science, Just look user reviews at amazon
Post #150313885 added 10-14-2021 9:51 PM by HonestMammoth473 in Hot Deals
I wouldn't feed this garbage to my dogs if it was free.
Post #150287977 added 10-13-2021 3:45 PM by MrSkeptic in Hot Deals
Grocery store: Crave. The only above average manufacturer across all SKUs. Blue Wilderness is mostly average (much better than Purina, Iams, Science Diet, Royal Canin), but check the variety on...
Post #150287839 added 10-13-2021 3:37 PM by youneverknow1122 in Hot Deals
What are other cat food recommendations at similar price as that of Purina? Like I get 30 cans of Seafood grilled collection for $18.xx at Wally. Are there any better options at a comparable price?
Post #150287551 added 10-13-2021 3:23 PM by jimx200 in Hot Deals
Yup. purina also uses "chicken or beef by products meal". Heck no as that's hooves, hides, teeth, old frozen carcasses, etc. all ground up and added as bottom of the barrel protein.
Post #150287365 added 10-13-2021 3:14 PM by MrSkeptic in Hot Deals
Purina is Pure garbage full of bulk filler that can't be digested. Much better foods available for around the same price, especially if you strategically use Petco & Chewy introductory discounts and...
Post #150287269 added 10-13-2021 3:07 PM by bbm4l1fe in Hot Deals
petco has 35%
Post #150273571 added 10-12-2021 9:10 PM by soloma in Hot Deals
It worth checking other animal food - I see 25% off first S&S for many other products like chinchilla food, rabbit food, etc
Post #150273298 added 10-12-2021 8:53 PM by soloma in Hot Deals
This offer (25%) usually works for me and I see it posted every 5-6 months - I usually buy big batch - like 5-6 bags and 4-5 canned food and then wait for this offer reappear after 5-6 months. Once...
Post #150273232 added 10-12-2021 8:48 PM by Invertex in Hot Deals
I also observed this. Picked up 2 of the 47lb dry food bags. Under $1/lb shipped is a good deal.
Post #150273217 added 10-12-2021 8:47 PM by llblwskydrgn in Hot Deals
Darn I'm already S&S to pro plan liveclear, didn't see the coupon show up for me.
Post #150273196 added 10-12-2021 8:46 PM by Diamonique in Hot Deals
I purchased some of the wet cat food in shown in the thumbnail earlier today and didn't have this offer. It's not there for me now either since I made the order earlier I guess.
Post #150273097 added 10-12-2021 8:41 PM by soloma in Hot Deals
YMMV but I was able to use the same 25% coupon for the same product several times.
Post #150273010 added 10-12-2021 8:34 PM by soloma in Hot Deals
Amazon offers Select Amazon accounts: 25% Off Select Purina Pro Plan Dog & Cat Food when you 'clip' the coupon on the product page and check out via Subscribe & Save. Shipping is free w/ Prime or on...

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