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Post #150299053 added 10-14-2021 7:52 AM by pechango in Deal Talk
I kind of agree with this but will add to it. It all depends on what kind of DIY projects you'll be doing. You may be better off starting with a circular saw if you'll be doing quick and easy...
Post #150298252 added 10-14-2021 6:59 AM by DavidP6348 in Deal Talk
If you can only have one, and you have the room, get a tablesaw. It is way more versatile but also way more dangerous. Certain cuts require different techniques and if you get it wrong, the saw will...
Post #150298156 added 10-14-2021 6:49 AM by nolife in Deal Talk
You can't compare a miter saw to a table saw. They are efficient and ideal for totally different things. If me... miter saw first and get a circular saw. Decide when you hit the limits of those...
Post #150294832 added 10-13-2021 9:51 PM by CoralSnow219 in Deal Talk
If I’m looking to do DYI home projects should I get this or a table saw? Why would I pick one over the other?
Post #150294721 added 10-13-2021 9:42 PM by rick355 in Deal Talk
I have the double bevel slider and wouldn't be happy with less. Glad it's there when I need it!
Post #150294376 added 10-13-2021 9:19 PM by pechango in Deal Talk
The problem I found with the stands that come in these "kits" is you can't store the saw and the stand together safely and the arms that mount to the saw and clamp to the stand are disproportionally...
Post #150292093 added 10-13-2021 7:13 PM by DavidP6348 in Deal Talk
I doubt it. With inflation and thousands of cargo ships circling ports of entry, this is probably as cheap as you'll find this season.
Post #150291190 added 10-13-2021 6:23 PM by DopestDealer in Deal Talk
Just interested in the saw... my back isn't shot and I have a garage floor. I think this is the one I want, but am wondering if it may be cheaper by black friday?
Post #150291094 added 10-13-2021 6:18 PM by nolife in Deal Talk
Yeah.. Not a one vs other. Apples vs oranges
Post #150289822 added 10-13-2021 5:09 PM by DavidP6348 in Deal Talk
For those with a bad back, the Ridgid rolling stand is a God send! I can easily move and deploy it and don't have to worry about throwing my back out.
Post #150288304 added 10-13-2021 4:02 PM by fiedel in Deal Talk
Can anyone recommend a laser guide/light for it?
Post #150287479 added 10-13-2021 3:20 PM by pmrowczynski in Deal Talk
Get the rolling stand when it goes on sale , something like $99 around Black Friday. You can still throw the saw on the bed of a truck, on a table or on the ground. The rolling stand is far...
Post #150287395 added 10-13-2021 3:15 PM by ThriftyVest6065 in Deal Talk
Double Bevel you only care about if you install molding and baseboards all day. If you are a DIY'er this is a great tool, but you will eventually be hindered by the cutting capacity 6 maybe 8...
Post #150286528 added 10-13-2021 2:31 PM by N8Vos in Deal Talk
I have one of these stands. It's nice but I would NOT recommend it. The handle is on the wrong side. You have to flip it over to set it up and it when it's folded up it stands on the edges you want...
Post #150286336 added 10-13-2021 2:21 PM by westermac in Deal Talk
My experience has been the opposite; tried the Ridgid rolling stand and one of the feet was welded on crooked so it only had 3 points of contact on level ground. The Dewalt stand has a much wider...
Post #150286021 added 10-13-2021 2:05 PM by AndrewA8510 in Deal Talk
Just my opinion but I had a sliding ryobi and sold it cheaply with plans to replace it with non sliding. The extra space sounds minor but meant alot given my setup. Also the sliding was very...
Post #150285592 added 10-13-2021 1:46 PM by zodiak in Deal Talk
I have the double bevel dewalt and opted for the Rigid rolling stand for better portability and space saving. It's on sale semi regularly as well
Post #150285589 added 10-13-2021 1:46 PM by ChoganFer in Deal Talk
but I don't think this is near as epic as they claim.
Post #150285220 added 10-13-2021 1:29 PM by pechango in Deal Talk
If you'll be moving it around, get a rolling stand. The stands that come with these saws are garbage and cumbersome. I initially used a kobalt stand for my miter and when it started tipping while...
Post #150285163 added 10-13-2021 1:27 PM by pechango in Deal Talk
Depends on what you plan to use. I have both and both have their places.
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