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Post #150528619 added 10-25-2021 11:08 AM by Noord-Holland in Deal Talk
Nice. Ordered.
Post #150415558 added 10-20-2021 12:35 AM by cacadiablo in Deal Talk
It was in last month's sale. It will probably come around again and Black Friday is only just over a month away. Good luck!
Post #150414766 added 10-19-2021 11:22 PM by ckyuen in Deal Talk
Was that recent or in store? I see them online for $59.99
Post #150401821 added 10-19-2021 1:28 PM by TenderHalibut2061 in Deal Talk
Quick note on Macy's jacked up completely f!@#ed "fraud protection" system - I have a few HappyCard gift cards, which the only way to combine at Macy's is to buy a store gift card. I bought two,...
Post #150389185 added 10-19-2021 2:08 AM by BaconOnWheels in Deal Talk
The 5pc set is available again. Just placed an order.
Post #150387088 added 10-18-2021 10:29 PM by Talontd in Deal Talk
Man, bummed I missed that 5pc set..
Post #150371413 added 10-18-2021 9:36 AM by MrShruggles in Deal Talk
Oh, you just don't' know how to use the word depress. Cool.
Post #150369922 added 10-18-2021 8:26 AM by avjunkie2009 in Deal Talk
You don't seem to understand what I said. When you initially put the lid on, the button is not pressed. You put it on and then press it to create what's supposed to be an air tight seal. The lid...
Post #150364267 added 10-17-2021 9:31 PM by ToolDeals in Deal Talk
. Or, perhaps the air that is already in there before sealing? We need some more, but none of these seem to keep anything long term, such as 6 months or more, without first putting inside a...
Post #150361150 added 10-17-2021 6:20 PM by User-1 in Deal Talk
For everyone that has mentioned the seal is subpar, you guys do know there's an OXO satisfaction guarantee, right? https://www.oxo.com/guarantee I just got mine today. Kinda surprised it...
Post #150358045 added 10-17-2021 2:38 PM by MrShruggles in Deal Talk
When you depress the button it releases the seal....
Post #150352813 added 10-17-2021 9:10 AM by hjdut in Deal Talk
I got my order cancelled by Macy and claim the item out of stock.
Post #150351709 added 10-17-2021 8:06 AM by avjunkie2009 in Deal Talk
No, they're not. I bought a set of them about 6 months ago. They don't create an airtight seal. I can depress the button on the lid and the lid just lifts right off with no resistance. It doesn't...
Post #150345139 added 10-16-2021 5:41 PM by JinJ6618 in Deal Talk
Got one 11.97 few weeks ago.
Post #150344374 added 10-16-2021 4:44 PM by sharath in Deal Talk
Deal is Dead
Post #150340801 added 10-16-2021 12:36 PM by MrShruggles in Deal Talk
The 5 piece thats 51.xx should drop down to 31.xx before taxes. You gotta do it in two separate orders also. The discount is $20 off anything above $50. So a $100 order still only gets $20 off.
Post #150338332 added 10-16-2021 9:29 AM by UrbanWest in Deal Talk
I am in 4 1
Post #150338170 added 10-16-2021 9:20 AM by ryzyst in Deal Talk
My total for the 5 piece set is $42.87 with the promo code. Two sets of the 3-piece collection comes out to $51.10. Am I missing something?
Post #150334630 added 10-16-2021 1:06 AM by cacadiablo in Deal Talk
Yeah, speaking of the Costco set, I just went into the kitchen and lifted all of them by the lid and none of them came off. Some have relatively heavy stuff in them, too. If I pull by the lid I can...
Post #150334600 added 10-16-2021 1:03 AM by cacadiablo in Deal Talk
We have the same problem (which is why I bought these, so hopefully they work). But my wife found a "trap" online that works similarly to a fly trap but supposedly has a pheromone scent which...
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