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Post #150752731 added 11-03-2021 7:04 PM by JenT4685 in Deal Talk
Post #150466891 added 10-22-2021 5:16 AM by dentalprodigy in Deal Talk
Any recommendations on rechargeable batteries? For this guy?
Post #150455335 added 10-21-2021 2:59 PM by JustMe123abc in Deal Talk
Lol, so I finally took a closer inspection and looked at the instructions at the bottom of the can and it does show a ring but mine didn't come with it. I bought it already out and not packaged at...
Post #150454006 added 10-21-2021 2:06 PM by BoastfulHeart7162 in Deal Talk
I got this from my local Walmart a month back for $5
Post #150452296 added 10-21-2021 1:14 PM by president in Deal Talk
that's great. what brand of batteries did you use?
Post #150448201 added 10-21-2021 10:53 AM by sillyxone in Deal Talk
note that a D battery is about 12,000-18,000mAh, two of them would be at least 20,000mAh, whereas a lipstick USB is only 5,000mAh. Also, depending on your usage, mine is pretty sensitive and it sits...
Post #150445645 added 10-21-2021 9:24 AM by SkyKing02 in Deal Talk
what do you expect? this is a trash can lol....
Post #150445630 added 10-21-2021 9:23 AM by pco20glock in Deal Talk
I bought this about 10 months ago and it lasted for about 6 months before my kids broke the lid. All the lid parts are plastic, even the hinge. I had to buy a more durable step lid as a replacement.
Post #150445558 added 10-21-2021 9:21 AM by kirsion in Deal Talk
I bought 3 for $12 each last time
Post #150445525 added 10-21-2021 9:20 AM by cruxion in Deal Talk
Yours may have came with it and you just haven’t realized it. A surprising number of people don’t realize what they’re for so they don’t even take them out when putting the bags in. They aren’t...
Post #150445453 added 10-21-2021 9:17 AM by cruxion in Deal Talk
1-2 weeks?? I’ve been using mine with regular alkaline batteries for months and haven’t had to change any of them yet.
Post #150444079 added 10-21-2021 8:23 AM by HomerJay in Deal Talk
I'll give that a try thanks!!
Post #150443284 added 10-21-2021 7:49 AM by sillyxone in Deal Talk
Maybe it's the food that we process? Maybe the way we throw away leftover? I don't dump food down the drain/sink. Pieces of pizza, meat, fruit, ... staying in the trash can just a day or two will...
Post #150443167 added 10-21-2021 7:44 AM by hieusays in Deal Talk
I got this 3 months ago. The motor has already stopped closing the lid. My last one lasted 6 years before failing. This thing is trash.
Post #150442846 added 10-21-2021 7:30 AM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
was about to buy some but found these to be helpful for this run.
Post #150441649 added 10-21-2021 6:29 AM by orioncygnus in Deal Talk
So why's$35 a deal if you got it for less than half that just a month ago?
Post #150441037 added 10-21-2021 5:40 AM by Stangman in Deal Talk
Surprised to see positive comments on this. I’ve tried it twice, figuring I might have had a lemon first time around. My batteries did drain quickly and it eventually wouldn’t work even with new...
Post #150440644 added 10-21-2021 4:57 AM by necjohns in Deal Talk
I had one of those types from Costco and it didn’t last more than a year due to washing it etc. does anyone know of a good step pedal trash can? Sick of the battery powered ones
Post #150440254 added 10-21-2021 3:43 AM by savingslg5 in Deal Talk
I paid $15.00 a can last month and got three of them delivered. I love 'em, they are metal and very sturdy. The automatic opening works great. A big improvement over plastic cans. They never...
Post #150440185 added 10-21-2021 3:27 AM by fmarkman in Deal Talk
I could not agree more, just so cool you gotta have it! I have had my two for 4 or 5 years and they are still going strong. The battery compartment lid clips/hinges broke after a couple of years,...
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