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Post #152970058 added 01-18-2022 2:49 PM by slicck in Hot Deals
I contacted them through chat and they sent me the pixel buds code after a few hours
Post #152969818 added 01-18-2022 2:42 PM by von9ner in Hot Deals
I didnt get it either. I did get the giftcard
Post #152860228 added 01-13-2022 1:38 PM by Astromek21 in Hot Deals
Some color options are back in stock now - but the $200 gift card is no longer available, so this is indeed a dead deal
Post #152807827 added 01-11-2022 8:03 AM by PrasadA5797 in Hot Deals
Says out of stock..Shouldnt this be under expired deals?
Post #152788876 added 01-10-2022 8:49 AM by zukuri in Hot Deals
Mine get thru and received the code one day after the due payment date.
Post #152781007 added 01-09-2022 6:20 PM by zukuri in Hot Deals
It seems like they are lying about the promo... Hope mine will get thru. I placed an order on 11/7
Post #152738377 added 01-07-2022 11:31 AM by amanak in Hot Deals
I have received this mail and not getting any $200 GC :(
Post #152629387 added 01-02-2022 2:11 PM by jellysandwich in Hot Deals
ahh ic, yea i paid early but the due date is in a few days. guess i need to wait, thanks!
Post #152627395 added 01-02-2022 11:57 AM by Crazy8 in Hot Deals
Did you pay 3rd month fee and when's the due date? I paid the 3rd month fee 7 days before due date and received a code to redeem $200 on the due date. (When it's available to redeem, you'll see the...
Post #152626804 added 01-02-2022 11:18 AM by jellysandwich in Hot Deals
how did people receive their $200 gc reward? on my account page, i see this but never received the 10 digit code and their contact page requires the "promotion number" and "tracking number",...
Post #152614033 added 01-01-2022 5:20 PM by Mamiww6 in Hot Deals
No, it's not. S21 Ultra is from another planet
Post #152613952 added 01-01-2022 5:15 PM by benanfisa1 in Hot Deals
Contact them immediately
Post #152610607 added 01-01-2022 2:19 PM by slicck in Hot Deals
Just got my gift card code a day after I made my 3rd payment. Redeemed the code and need to wait 2 days for processing to get my gift card. Still haven't received the code for the pixel buds though.
Post #152588902 added 12-31-2021 11:09 AM by Crazy8 in Hot Deals
I hope to get mine tomorrow. Payment due today and I paid 6 days ago on 12/25.
Post #152588626 added 12-31-2021 10:57 AM by farfromuman in Hot Deals
Got my Amazon GC on the 29th, little after I redeemed the code.
Post #152588539 added 12-31-2021 10:53 AM by ebbnflow00 in Hot Deals
Just paid for the 3rd month of service. Still waiting on the $200 GC. Anyone receive their GC yet?
Post #152527639 added 12-28-2021 8:10 PM by Deekay_Deals in Hot Deals
I thought we get the code to redeem pixel buds after activation but current terms say we receive it only after paying for 3 months. Never knew it, it's a bummer.
Post #152486047 added 12-27-2021 8:20 AM by corazones in Hot Deals
Any must have app recommendations for the pixel?
Post #152392630 added 12-22-2021 6:21 PM by MikeS1739 in Hot Deals
zoom is very good and very much comparable to the samsung ultra which cost 1200. u can take shots of zoom and very distant objects and its only 10-15% below the ultra
Post #152306962 added 12-19-2021 7:15 PM by He-Man in Hot Deals
Shipping from them is pretty decent. Usually 1-3 days. Not sure if that's the case now, just before the holidays. Check if they give you an estimate while ordering.
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