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Post #154815856 added 04-28-2022 1:53 PM by kskreider in Deal Talk
This is just a heads up for anyone that bought these and has had them fail. They come with a 2-year Allstate warranty that is VERY easy to apply for. A few clicks and I have a $73 check inbound so...
Post #153038788 added 01-21-2022 12:25 PM by G_Thunder in Deal Talk
This seller has overwhelmingly bad reviews. That's why I downvoted anyway.
Post #151736305 added 11-30-2021 7:52 PM by MH5580 in Deal Talk
I think that every time I see a pair or airpods. No tips to seal the ear canal so they sound horrible and stupid stem hanging down. Also no ldac or lossless wireless connection. My thoughts,...
Post #151736026 added 11-30-2021 7:44 PM by MH5580 in Deal Talk
You know there's a whiole segment of these things called IEMs, in ear monitors, that are widely accepted in the audiophile community.
Post #150890326 added 11-09-2021 8:10 AM by gotaholen1 in Deal Talk
Seems to be back to $60 on ebay again with the 2 year warranty.
Post #150879667 added 11-08-2021 6:23 PM by mhma2007 in Deal Talk
Mine came with earwax in them!
Post #150821425 added 11-06-2021 10:18 AM by RelaxedPicture4736 in Deal Talk
Probably not, unless you use a neck pillow (the U-shaped kind).
Post #150743632 added 11-03-2021 12:33 PM by db999md in Deal Talk
I got a pair of these with really cruddy battery life. Luckily I had gotten extended warranty and they just gave me my money back. Mine did not have any ear wax. I guess you have to pay extra for that
Post #150685669 added 11-01-2021 11:07 AM by Zeetwo in Deal Talk
Only reason I returned them was because it didn't stay in my ears..ymmv
Post #150640705 added 10-30-2021 4:07 AM by ShrewdCorn4859 in Deal Talk
They are pretty good. Tested them last night. You just need to find the perfect tips that fits snugly in the ears
Post #150613828 added 10-28-2021 7:15 PM by slickernsnot in Deal Talk
agree. I got a pair of these refurbished and love them. I also got a pair of Powerbeats for my iPhone. Also most excellent, but has a different use as laid-out in this spot-on video comparison by...
Post #150612853 added 10-28-2021 6:25 PM by AmusedMask5522 in Deal Talk
they dont stay in your ears while working out. :mad: stay away...............
Post #150611488 added 10-28-2021 5:20 PM by Miked443 in Deal Talk
How do they do in airplanes ?
Post #150606964 added 10-28-2021 2:09 PM by aralk in Deal Talk
Ebay charges exorbitant amount of selling fees.
Post #150606199 added 10-28-2021 1:36 PM by cdlots01 in Deal Talk
The soundguys review mentions this: "earbuds have average passive isolation and just okay active noise cancelling."
Post #150604312 added 10-28-2021 12:16 PM by ChesterMcChin in Deal Talk
These are a good set but they were very uncomfortable. I had to return them. I got it for $230 or so
Post #150601267 added 10-28-2021 10:11 AM by targon in Deal Talk
One pair arrived in excellent condition, another one is quite worn and completely discharged. Came in the zoo lock bag with USB cable and inserts of different sizes. No way these are Sony...
Post #150598111 added 10-28-2021 8:18 AM by Amerijapoxicano in Deal Talk
Q: Why is it common for people to (demonstrate displeasure)? A: Because (pejorative towards said people) like to (demonstrate displeasure) without explanation. Ohhhhhh! So THAT'S why they...
Post #150593461 added 10-28-2021 3:59 AM by SlickTank9118 in Deal Talk
Haha yeah rock on brotha!
Post #150583831 added 10-27-2021 3:46 PM by Quikfinger in Deal Talk
This easily unless you need multipoint.
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