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Post #153155623 added Yesterday 8:36 AM by bpolen in Deal Talk
I actually called Fidelity this morning, They are claiming that if total interest is under 600 dollars that they do not generate a 1099-INT. Seems odd since all bank generate for 10 dollars or more.
Post #153093910 added 01-24-2022 11:49 AM by ListedGuru in Deal Talk
Did anyone get a 1099 for their $100 bonus from Fidelity? I have other accounts with Fido and it says I have received all my tax documents but I'm not seeing being 1099 for the $100 bonus from this...
Post #153086203 added 01-24-2022 1:13 AM by speeddmon in Deal Talk
Thanks for that. I didn't get the $100 until 11/16 so 90 days from then
Post #153086173 added 01-24-2022 1:09 AM by randomchaos in Deal Talk
They gave you the $100 on Oct 26, or you put $50 in then? ‘Yes. While you don't need to keep your initial deposit of $50 in the new account for more than the qualification period, you must keep...
Post #153086152 added 01-24-2022 1:05 AM by randomchaos in Deal Talk
Yes, Fidelity states that it’s no longer running this deal. Feel free to try the link: https://www.fidelity.com/go/special-offer
Post #153030151 added 01-21-2022 7:18 AM by PledgeAllegiance in Deal Talk
Is this for sure dead?
Post #153028480 added 01-21-2022 5:03 AM by qwe1234 in Deal Talk
I am sorry, Just for a laugh, not serious. Thank you for the animation. Very convenient.
Post #152994205 added 01-19-2022 1:55 PM by tjones261 in Deal Talk
Seriously? Ok.... https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=october+26+%2B+90+days
Post #152983489 added 01-19-2022 5:10 AM by qwe1234 in Deal Talk
Care to link for lazies? Thanks.
Post #152981980 added 01-19-2022 12:20 AM by tjones261 in Deal Talk
You can simply put it in google search as october 26 + 90 days to find out.
Post #152967577 added 01-18-2022 1:12 PM by speeddmon in Deal Talk
What is 90 days from October 26?
Post #152684455 added 01-05-2022 5:45 AM by mrpickem in Deal Talk
I originally opened account and was unsure I added code, so I opened a 2nd account and looked very closely as to where to put code and it was auto populated when I came across the box for it. Still...
Post #152523574 added 12-28-2021 4:46 PM by pahameel in Deal Talk
is this still active?
Post #152491237 added 12-27-2021 11:38 AM by MellowFlag7693 in Deal Talk
Oops It let me transfer 100 dollars out today its only been 60 some days... It says they "May" charge me in tiny terms text on bottom of page. oh well closing my accounts today.
Post #152416243 added 12-23-2021 3:41 PM by SiennaDeer8270 in Deal Talk
With that many calls plus aggrevation plus having to explain it over and over plus stressing over it, you basically lost money on the deal. Next time just work at MCD for one weekend and quit. You'll...
Post #152414938 added 12-23-2021 2:44 PM by backslashv in Deal Talk
Should've totally mentioned "NEW MONEY" in the post. Been sitting for 2 months and when I called, they said that it should've been new money and not from an existing Fidelity account.
Post #152407849 added 12-23-2021 10:13 AM by ElatedGuitar705 in Deal Talk
Account opened 12/1/21. $100 credit received 12/22/21 with no prodding from me.
Post #152387680 added 12-22-2021 2:59 PM by mD- in Deal Talk
"Note: you must keep the $100 cash reward (minus any losses related to trading or market volatility, or margin debit balances) in the eligible account for a minimum of 90 calendar days starting from...
Post #152385769 added 12-22-2021 1:42 PM by Fishing4deals2 in Deal Talk
Big FYI- for those doing this in a Roth IRA, Fidelity live chat person told me the $100 does count towards the annual contribution limit, the contribution tab won't have it added in though. Something...
Post #152264074 added 12-18-2021 5:39 AM by LeBoom in Deal Talk
I hadn’t received it after a month and a half, but they made the fix after giving them a call.
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