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Post #150528916 added 10-25-2021 11:19 AM by BigDogg365 in Deal Talk
Same, had my eye on the oscillating tool for a while now, saw is a bonus
Post #150525649 added 10-25-2021 9:22 AM by nahpungnome in Deal Talk
I really wish I had a use for this. I absolutely love my Makita tools. The only Makita tool I've had issues with is my drill used in hammer mode...it's now stuck like that after drilling into...
Post #150523993 added 10-25-2021 7:54 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
Hack attack anything on the list. @joethetoolguy or @toolhead 147 on YouTube have the pics and all the info. Always good stuff over there
Post #150523564 added 10-25-2021 7:29 AM by robpiat in Deal Talk
I just used a VPN for San Francisco and it worked. That's officially the furthest I've gone to save a buck lol. When coming in from a California IP, The saw is listed at 249.
Post #150523507 added 10-25-2021 7:25 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
It is a $249, In every state random zip I changed my store to. I am not sure why your store would have it at the higher price. Store 1055 or store 4740 are two I just checked for example ,...
Post #150523405 added 10-25-2021 7:21 AM by Pratticus in Deal Talk
Clicking OP's link takes me to the rear-handle kit marked down to $249 when shopping a local HD store. Free tool promo is active. All 3 delivery options (home, store, etc.) available. If you are...
Post #150523297 added 10-25-2021 7:16 AM by robpiat in Deal Talk
Fo some reason you are having a different experience. Is the starting price for the saw 349 or 249 for you?
Post #150523267 added 10-25-2021 7:13 AM by dcfutch in Deal Talk
I already have the circ saw. Can you hack this with the bonus item? I would like the angle grinder.
Post #150523093 added 10-25-2021 7:00 AM by climbhard13 in Deal Talk
I know this deal is dead but wanted to chime in on the tool it's self. It's fantastic. My corded worm drive saw has barely been used since i bought this. Tons of power with pretty good battery...
Post #150523021 added 10-25-2021 6:53 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
It is any store, it is a full store promo,live and in store. You can put in any store, and if the screw gun isn't an option, you can still pick any other free tool to hack it. You can try store 1055...
Post #150522991 added 10-25-2021 6:49 AM by robpiat in Deal Talk
I see 349 then down to 235 when I add the screw gun
Post #150522943 added 10-25-2021 6:44 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
Screw gun is Oos, switch to Any other free item, it raises the cost of circ saw a few dollars is all. I picked the screw gun because that gave a slightly better discount. The jigsaw as a free tool...
Post #150522895 added 10-25-2021 6:39 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
It is the exact kit posted for the circ saw, at all HD, online and in store. You can choose any of the free tools to hack the price down, at the posting the screw gun gave the most value to the...
Post #150522883 added 10-25-2021 6:37 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
It is Live online and all stores. It can be hacked with any of the free tools gifts offered. I chose the screw gun because that gave the most value discount on the hack. You can use any of the free...
Post #150522847 added 10-25-2021 6:34 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
The Slick Deals App posts the link and actual item automatically. **Hack** was placed first in the description. The hack was posted with the highest price option as the free tool to get the lowest...
Post #150522802 added 10-25-2021 6:31 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
**Hack is there in the description. Using the Slick deals app, the app posts the link and deal automatically. So the word Hack ** was put in the description instead 🙂
Post #150522769 added 10-25-2021 6:29 AM by BlueChicken884 in Deal Talk
It was the rear handle ,live to all stores and is online. I gave the screw gun as option because that was the highest price option at the time. Now pick a 159. Option as the free tool and the rear...
Post #150522715 added 10-25-2021 6:26 AM by v0vax in Deal Talk
Expired? I don’t see the link for the nailer.
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