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Post #150855271 added 11-07-2021 8:11 PM by MMMilk in Hot Deals
Just posted this thread for a Energizer Battery Kit, 6AA + 4AAA $22.99 @Costco, In-Store Only. Cells are "Made In Japan". AA's are higher capacity 2300mAh, AAA's are 800mAh. Thought some in this...
Post #150778807 added 11-04-2021 7:17 PM by bcm00re in Hot Deals
Thanks for the info! So even at this sale price, these 12-packs of Duracell batteries aren't a good deal either. Over $2 per cell is way too high for a cell made in China! The best "standard"...
Post #150768196 added 11-04-2021 11:40 AM by MMMilk in Hot Deals
Package still says "Made in China" on the back.
Post #150754801 added 11-03-2021 8:36 PM by bcm00re in Hot Deals
They once were when they were made in Japan, but they switched to China made cells several years ago.
Post #150754615 added 11-03-2021 8:25 PM by bcm00re in Hot Deals
If these cells are made in Japan (unlike the ones in the kit) then these would be a pretty decent deal.
Post #150754468 added 11-03-2021 8:18 PM by 1jzgte in Hot Deals
They’re terrible
Post #150754417 added 11-03-2021 8:16 PM by bcm00re in Hot Deals
You are flat WRONG if you are talking about the kit with the charger. This Duracell kit it total trash! The charger cannot charge individual cells (but rather have to be in pairs only), and the...
Post #150692170 added 11-01-2021 3:27 PM by smpjcu in Hot Deals
That sucks. I’ve had mine for years and never had to throw one out yet but 2 batches of enelop are toast already
Post #150691918 added 11-01-2021 3:19 PM by dlev79 in Hot Deals
The Amazon ones I bought stopped recharging (fail blink) in less than 1 yr - very disappointing. did I have bad luck/batch?
Post #150536206 added 10-25-2021 4:26 PM by MMMilk in Hot Deals
See image attached to post #14. 1300mAh is the actual capacity of the AA's in this kit.
Post #150533344 added 10-25-2021 2:18 PM by twinclouds in Hot Deals
1300 looks like the capacity after 1 hour charge for AA batteries. When charged in full, AA should be at least 2450 mAh.
Post #150533320 added 10-25-2021 2:17 PM by MMMilk in Hot Deals
What @Mushypizza said is correct, it's printed on the top back corner of the packaging.
Post #150533062 added 10-25-2021 2:03 PM by fuyunling in Hot Deals
Post #150533041 added 10-25-2021 2:02 PM by fuyunling in Hot Deals
Not true! The AA should be about 2,650 mAh and AAA 800mAh (see amazon review). If it indeed the case, Duracell AA is a better deal than Enerloop.
Post #150532597 added 10-25-2021 1:45 PM by MMMilk in Hot Deals
It's just not what it was in the past. So not really a deal. Inflation and effects from the pandemic have made this economy volatile, and unpredictable.
Post #150531409 added 10-25-2021 12:56 PM by MrSkeptic in Hot Deals
Now made in China. Garbage. The old Japanese ones were Eneloop.
Post #150531241 added 10-25-2021 12:49 PM by drkazn in Hot Deals
So no good?
Post #150529678 added 10-25-2021 11:47 AM by MMMilk in Hot Deals
The non kit packs AA are 2500mAh and AAA are 900mAh, and also on promo. https://www.costco.com/duracell-rechargeable-batteries-aa-12-count.product.100779880.html ...
Post #150529165 added 10-25-2021 11:28 AM by smpjcu in Hot Deals
Amazon are underrated rechargeable brand
Post #150528493 added 10-25-2021 11:03 AM by Funkinyourface in Hot Deals
Thanks I'll pass. Amazon's are 1900 and the others I have (I think Rayovac?) Are 2100
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