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Post #150871441 added 11-08-2021 1:39 PM by nbk9nbk in Free Digital Goods
Ps vr or something else better for 11year old christmas prezent he wants a vr
Figured I bought re-reckoning a few months ago and now it's free
Post #150739213 added 11-03-2021 10:58 AM by rawer in Free Digital Goods
The web store is fixed now; Knockout City is showing free with Playstation Plus.
When claiming Knockout City on PS5, it shows Trial/Demo only. I had to claim it on my PS4 Pro to add the full PS4 version to my library.
Nope, shows $20, just a free demo of it......thanks Sony
First Class Trouble is a game that blends cooperation and deception as players try to figure out who they can trust, while they fight to survive aboard a luxury space cruise-liner that’s had an A.I....
Post #150724363 added 11-02-2021 6:32 PM by BenJeremy in Free Digital Goods
Seeing $20. Sony's site is terrible.
Post #150724216 added 11-02-2021 6:24 PM by TheBiz326 in Free Digital Goods
Not seeing Knockout City as "free". Anyone able to claim that one?
Post #150723613 added 11-02-2021 5:56 PM by js619 in Free Digital Goods
Insanely good month if you have PSVR.
Post #150723598 added 11-02-2021 5:55 PM by Moofboy in Free Digital Goods
Knockout City is available for $20? Wtf?
finally psvr getting some love
My membership was expiring this month (in a few days) and Sony sent me a 25% off coupon for PS+ for a year; not as good as when there’s the $30 deals but good enough for me. I expect we’ll get more...
I have the same problem with knockout city, not available for purchase
Post #150722923 added 11-02-2021 5:31 PM by Nited00 in Free Digital Goods
I can’t redeem knock out city. Anyone else?
Post #150722746 added 11-02-2021 5:23 PM by beer in Free Digital Goods
Great list of games. I sometimes just add to my library and go thru later what I want to play.
Post #150722143 added 11-02-2021 4:57 PM by syxbit in Free Digital Goods
Agreed. I get that people don't like these games being called 'free'. Sure. We do pay. But for $30/y, all you get is a bargain. Some people expect AAA games every month. That's not realistic. But the...
Exactly, I don't know what in the world people expect. You can get a year for $30-40 easily. I could pick 4 games from that list that make the service worth it alone (games like Control Ultimate,...
If you have PS VR, this is a GREAT month. If not, I see why people are complaining. For how little it costs though it isn't terrible by any means.
Post #150719026 added 11-02-2021 2:40 PM by ChippyJoe in Free Digital Goods
Convince me if I am wrong but I have never found great value in PS+. I don't play online multi-player games, I'd rather buy games cheaply than get a "free" PS+ one for which I have to subscribe to...
TWD: S&S is a no brainer here. Phenomenal game. The rest on this list is something to be desired.
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