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Post #150832735 added 11-06-2021 7:59 PM by lollerskates in Deal Talk
Oh I ended up cancelling the ROG when the CyberPower shipped from Amazon. Very happy with it - was lucky I didn't have any issues like some reviewers (missing or DOA GFX card etc)
Post #150822856 added 11-06-2021 12:24 PM by Bozo in Deal Talk
Great card, but I meant rig? What one were you able to get? TIA :peace:
Post #150820183 added 11-06-2021 10:21 AM by lollerskates in Deal Talk
Sorry didn't see your reply for a few days. It's the LHR (limited hash rate) card. I don't care because mine will be used for gaming....
Post #150788878 added 11-05-2021 8:40 AM by bnutz in Deal Talk
What Brand 3070s did you guys have?
Post #150766345 added 11-04-2021 10:32 AM by antstiggity in Deal Talk
same thing happened to me with cyberpower, monitor would shut down and fans would kick into highgear. ended up returning to bestbuy, after reading about cyberpower from here ill either request my...
Post #150766198 added 11-04-2021 10:26 AM by antstiggity in Deal Talk
yes, had to return mine as well. 3070 card went bad after only 9 months
Post #150761026 added 11-04-2021 6:43 AM by Sturmie in Deal Talk
Great, thanks! It's technically a Christmas gift for my son, so hopefully we can still redeem the code next month.
Post #150760759 added 11-04-2021 6:20 AM by Lupush in Deal Talk
Sent via email by Amazon. Got mine today, you'll need to redeem via the GeForce Experience App.
Post #150755683 added 11-03-2021 9:22 PM by Sturmie in Deal Talk
Does it come in the box? Just curious. Mine arrives Friday.
Post #150730384 added 11-03-2021 12:26 AM by Bozo in Deal Talk
If you want to game with it, then no! It's only got a gtx 1660Ti. You want at least a RTX 3060. If you don't want to game, then it depends on what you plan to use it for. :peace:
Post #150730363 added 11-03-2021 12:23 AM by Bozo in Deal Talk
What one did you get? Linky please. :peace:
Post #150728953 added 11-02-2021 10:30 PM by lollerskates in Deal Talk
Received the PC today, and it came with one solo 8GB RAM stick instead of 16GB. Going to contact Amazon tomorrow and sort it out, hoping they can do a partial credit or something so I don't have...
Post #150723970 added 11-02-2021 6:12 PM by HappyPicture3755 in Deal Talk
same. I bought a ROG 3060, and it never shipped
Post #150714106 added 11-02-2021 11:41 AM by Bozo in Deal Talk
At first I thought so solely based on the GPU. But I just realized that Intel is changing their socket AGAIN! That means that upgrades for this system will be very limited. I was able to locate...
Post #150702295 added 11-01-2021 10:06 PM by music3k in Deal Talk
To add to this, if you go into my comment history, you’ll know my history with BB shipping me not one, but two of these cyberpower prebuilts WITHOUT a graphics card both times, and the second time...
Post #150700951 added 11-01-2021 8:58 PM by Bozo in Deal Talk
I think you made a good call. I'm going to pick one up for my kid. You are correct that the CPU is a lot better, and it has onboard graphics as well I believe. Not as good as the 3060 that comes...
Post #150700675 added 11-01-2021 8:46 PM by mdnorem1 in Deal Talk
https://www.bestbuy.com/site/ibuypower-slatemr-gaming-desktop-intel-i7-11700f-16gb-memory-nvidia-gtx-1660ti-6gb-480gb-ssd-1tb-hdd/6477963.p?skuId=6477963 This a better PC?
Post #150683167 added 11-01-2021 10:49 AM by atoneapone in Deal Talk
thanks for posting this. I saw this over a month ago for $1350 but decided to go with the Asus at Walmart For $999 to save $350(since the ryzen cpu was better, & we are in a bad market now...+...
Post #150672433 added 10-31-2021 10:26 PM by Dnbtmb in Deal Talk
Why such low up votes??? Better than the last one which got 40 up votes!!!!?
Post #150659023 added 10-31-2021 8:46 AM by VarmintCong in Deal Talk
Do you mean they had no GPU in them?
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