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Post #150760471 added 11-04-2021 4:57 AM by MatthewH1 in Deal Talk
Have you figure out how to up with the M92 command? They give you a feed feature but no way I can find to update the estep
Post #150752107 added 11-03-2021 5:38 PM by coheedcollapse in Deal Talk
Got it and assembled it - thing is HUGE! Ran into a small issue getting the new firmware flashed - had to hold the power button until it finished, but other than that it's been fine. Belts are tight...
Post #150751549 added 11-03-2021 5:16 PM by natataka in Deal Talk
got this yesterday, assembled quickly. tightened everything. bed had a slight wobble...tightened. hot end had a slight wobble, tightened. comes with all the tools you need. replaced, plastic extruder...
Post #150669655 added 10-31-2021 6:20 PM by FierceDeityLink in Deal Talk
I'm glad I got "a good one" then. Bought the original Ender 3, added a 32-bit SKR board with TMC2208 drivers, better parts cooling fans, additional z motor, fake BL Touch, Raspberry Pi for Octoprint,...
Post #150668095 added 10-31-2021 4:44 PM by Dang_lang23 in Deal Talk
What everyone in this thread seems to miss in my endless rant here is that I listened to people like you first, I read dozens of these threads on Slickdeals before I finally bought and Ender 3 Pro. I...
Post #150667939 added 10-31-2021 4:34 PM by QuestorJones in Deal Talk
I have the Creality CR-10 and it was my first printer. Printed great out of the box and (of course) buying new filaments from different manufacturers will require tweaking to some extent, but it is...
Post #150666088 added 10-31-2021 2:36 PM by DrieStone in Deal Talk
I bought an Ender 5 and it worked great out of the box. I will admit that I installed a BLtouch on it before I even powered it up the first time (but that was because I was coming from a piece of...
Post #150665815 added 10-31-2021 2:22 PM by DrieStone in Deal Talk
I don't see how the Ender 5 would allow more filaments. I bet it's the same hot end in both units. I own an Ender 5 and I like it. The CR series is considered a "step up" in a way from the Ender...
Post #150664834 added 10-31-2021 1:26 PM by Dang_lang23 in Deal Talk
You don't value your time, that's fine, but don't act like people shouldn't put value their time because you don't. I have spent way more time with the Mini+ actually enjoying myself, and my kids...
Post #150664594 added 10-31-2021 1:14 PM by coheedcollapse in Deal Talk
I mean, I spent like $100 in hardware (including a Pi for Octoprint) and $5 in filament to get my super cheap Wanhao i3 to be reliable enough for me as a hobbyist printer. I've maybe had one or two...
Post #150664540 added 10-31-2021 1:09 PM by metlfan2003 in Deal Talk
There's no way this could be even remotely true, or else nobody would own an Ender 3. "Tuning for better quality" is going to be a pretty basic requirement for any 3D printer you buy. Again, like I...
Post #150664207 added 10-31-2021 12:48 PM by GoodDealHunter21 in Deal Talk
$100 promo code off is no longer available, Only SMT100 for $100 works this time. It's $399 now.
Post #150663631 added 10-31-2021 12:16 PM by natataka in Deal Talk
Anyone actually get the price firm to $300? I only get 100 off
Post #150663619 added 10-31-2021 12:15 PM by Dang_lang23 in Deal Talk
Mine wasn't capable out of the box, and the quality control is so bad I bet 1 in 3 can barely print out of the box, and 2 out of 3 will need tuning for better quality, and 2.9999 out of 3 will not...
Post #150662752 added 10-31-2021 11:34 AM by metlfan2003 in Deal Talk
The whole point of recommending Creality to beginners is because they're cheap and capable right out the box. 3D printing by nature is going to require tinkering and trial-and-error to get good...
Post #150661891 added 10-31-2021 10:34 AM by kandekilla in Deal Talk
Have had a CR-10s since launch. I have done zero to it except level the bed every now and again. Prints are still the same as the day I got it. That being said, there can be some tinkering, but that...
Post #150660907 added 10-31-2021 9:38 AM by scottzee in Deal Talk
You have to open it up and disconnect the built in WiFi in order to get the MicroUSB plug to work. Once you do that, you can plug in a Raspberry Pi and control it with Octopi. I found a guide online...
Post #150660811 added 10-31-2021 9:31 AM by Dang_lang23 in Deal Talk
With the vastly better manuals and documentation with Prusa, I think even that is debatable. You would probably get even more educational value buying a kit from Prusa. I think my next Prusa will be...
Post #150660673 added 10-31-2021 9:23 AM by NickolasT8405 in Deal Talk
Can you install octopi on this?
Post #150660154 added 10-31-2021 8:54 AM by FNwoz in Deal Talk
Agreed and I am sure the Prusa is better. I think people recommend the Creality due to cost and how much you can learn with it.
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