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Post #152589139 added 12-31-2021 10:21 AM by prsf in Hot Deals
Tried instore with venmo and no you don't earn rewards since the offer disappeared.
Post #152520556 added 12-28-2021 1:20 PM by PurplePassenger168 in Hot Deals
yes till Dec 31st chk after sometime or next day
Post #152501965 added 12-27-2021 5:51 PM by shoppinglove in Hot Deals
Purchased $25 gc with paypal, cashback showed up in two days. In separate transaction, purchased candy for under $25 with venmo, cashback showed up in four days.
Post #152491894 added 12-27-2021 11:02 AM by ts140 in Hot Deals
In store
Post #152489599 added 12-27-2021 9:38 AM by rabidpup in Hot Deals
Is it definitely till Dec 31st? The Bloomingdales offer disappeared from the Venmo Offer page
Post #152482627 added 12-27-2021 1:37 AM by msp3 in Hot Deals
Is the Venmo deal dead? I bought some discounted Christmas stuff and paid with Venmo after having done the PayPal deal last week. The PayPal version of the deal shows the charge as Bloomingdales, and...
Post #152473777 added 12-26-2021 2:38 PM by napoleon_dynamite in Hot Deals
Was this in-store? or online?
Post #152473735 added 12-26-2021 2:36 PM by prsf in Hot Deals
Venmo offer not there anymore, paypal still there
Post #152471359 added 12-26-2021 12:12 PM by ts140 in Hot Deals
just a data point, As of 12/24 this deal was working. Showed up on two accounts in the deal section. There was nothing to click to activate. Bought $25 gift cards on each transaction and approx 24...
Post #152459203 added 12-25-2021 7:27 PM by hdlz in Hot Deals
Bought 25 gift card using venmo at Bloomingdale outlet yesterday, we will see if it works
Post #152456059 added 12-25-2021 3:39 PM by purple in Hot Deals
I just did the Panda Express and CVS on PayPal. I see them on Venmo as well.I'm gonna try buying a GC at CVS tomorrow and see if it works.
https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/bloomingdales-qr-code I'm not sure why this hasn't been posted up before, and YMMV, but there's a $25 free credit for Bloomingdales in-store that expires on...
Post #152397820 added 12-22-2021 9:24 PM by StefanoM3235 in Hot Deals
Been a month now and never received Venmo credit
Post #152397337 added 12-22-2021 8:54 PM by hawtsoup in Hot Deals
PP took ~2days and venmo took ~5 for me Can confirm this works at both outlet and Bloomingdale. Outlet sanitizers $2 and actual store was 3.5 for tiny bottle.
Post #152382406 added 12-22-2021 10:59 AM by prsf in Hot Deals
Get paypal credit but not venmo, how long does it take to get venmo credit?
Post #152260804 added 12-17-2021 9:48 PM by mysticsky in Hot Deals
Where do you see the cashback? In paypal account? Thanks
Post #152260795 added 12-17-2021 9:47 PM by mysticsky in Hot Deals
I brought a $25 Gc from Bloomingdales,using the QR code.But till now no trace of $25 from Paypal;(
Post #152221624 added 12-16-2021 3:35 PM by Sam92 in Hot Deals
Can confirm, works for Bloomingdale’s Outlets! Got the cash back for PayPal 2 days after purchase.
Post #152208559 added 12-16-2021 8:32 AM by nygrad in Hot Deals
Got the venmo credit for cvs. Didnt try bloomie's yet.
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