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Post #151717066 added 11-30-2021 11:53 AM by PreacherCruz in Deal Talk
Unfortunately, no. This is likely to be the best overall controller deal of the season. Even if they were still 49 bucks, no one really PM's BF deals. Gamestop does (YMMV) but hasn't had these...
Post #151696603 added 11-29-2021 9:37 PM by Dogsfather in Deal Talk
I really wish I could have gotten this but it’s oos in my area. Any other ideas on how to get it at this price?
Post #151694827 added 11-29-2021 8:56 PM by gallymimus in Deal Talk
Noooo, you fell right into is reverse psychology trap!!!!
Post #151694764 added 11-29-2021 8:55 PM by gallymimus in Deal Talk
Are you sure it's not Dunning Kruger? Cause everyone here sounds like a expert! 😆
Post #151689205 added 11-29-2021 6:54 PM by CleverVest8659 in Deal Talk
If I didn't already own 4 Xbox controllers I would be all over this. That 20th Anniversary edition controller looks nice. So does the Forza Horizon 5 controller.
Post #151680520 added 11-29-2021 3:55 PM by Frank_Nitty in Deal Talk
I like this controller, but only if it gets down to $30 would I consider buying it.
Post #151672849 added 11-29-2021 1:35 PM by JimBobHeller in Deal Talk
If you have 100+ controllers for every console, then each individual controller is getting very little use (wear and tear). It’s because you had so many that you were able to avoid these issues....
Post #151668442 added 11-29-2021 12:19 PM by PreacherCruz in Deal Talk
From the bottom to the top... I am under no obligation to do anything here. I am fully cognizant of that fact. If you actually followed the discussion, most of my replies were not "to defend...
Post #151666198 added 11-29-2021 11:44 AM by Gristyle in Deal Talk
I kind of want him to response to you just because lol
Post #151662739 added 11-29-2021 10:52 AM by PreacherCruz in Deal Talk
The controller link still shows it available for $49. IDK if the coupon still works, but I wouldn't say the deal is expired... EDIT. Just did a search. Code is good until 12/31. Deal IS...
Post #151644931 added 11-29-2021 4:45 AM by raiderxx in Deal Talk
This, ladies and gentlemen is a perfect example of "confirmation bias".
Why are you buying 100 controllers for every console if they are not breaking 🤔
That’s because you don’t game
Post #151636408 added 11-28-2021 10:14 PM by iJiggy in Deal Talk
So my second order that said “delayed, check back for updates” for almost 24 hours finally went through tonight and I was able to pick it up with no issues! I went inside the store out of curiosity...
Post #151630366 added 11-28-2021 7:43 PM by jomeyq in Deal Talk
One of these reappeared for pickup at a Walmart about 30 miles away. Created a new account to use the PayPal discount, fully expecting a cancelation (like my previous 3 attemps) but this one actually...
Post #151627222 added 11-28-2021 6:21 PM by rahmad1085 in Deal Talk
Do you mean the aqua shift one? how much was that?
Post #151624141 added 11-28-2021 4:46 PM by Telegan in Deal Talk
A Walmart by me showed 3 in stock, so I decided to buy one. None of the coupons worked, but I decided to buy anyway since it was $49 even without the coupons. About an hour or two later, I get an...
Post #151623352 added 11-28-2021 4:21 PM by MattWork in Deal Talk
My Elite 2 had drift and grinding in the left stick. Had to send in for repair. Now the right bumper requires doesn't activate unless pressed hard. Will be sending in for a second time in owning it...
Post #151623319 added 11-28-2021 4:21 PM by NeatMeerkat7158 in Deal Talk
I just ordered for in store pick-up in 4 days, it said there were 4 left in stock when I added it. The coupon worked (added the gum). $42.50 with tax. Thanks!
Post #151621684 added 11-28-2021 3:35 PM by CoreyH8836 in Deal Talk
First run of the Elite series 2 had stick drift, regardless how you used it.
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