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Post #151557028 added 11-27-2021 5:42 AM by osugsxr in Hot Deals
yes black friday has been for years. Following this site and few others; better deals are had throughout the year. Clearance and price mistakes are the best but YMMV on them. As for home depot the...
Post #151556833 added 11-27-2021 5:34 AM by thackathorn in Hot Deals
She told me it wasn’t the size of the tool that made the difference.
Post #151555414 added 11-27-2021 4:23 AM by tunabreath in Hot Deals
What are people upvoting on? The OP lacks any details.
Post #151543927 added 11-26-2021 7:54 PM by myfiremanishuge in Hot Deals
Like who? Seems like everything is mediocre. Inflation + covid + cargo-backup = rip
Post #151541530 added 11-26-2021 6:59 PM by kerplunk in Hot Deals
Agree. It's been ruined.
Post #151539421 added 11-26-2021 6:20 PM by GBusCrs in Hot Deals
The whole black friday was as mediocre as this.
Post #151533142 added 11-26-2021 4:16 PM by ThePeanutGallery in Hot Deals
She also said that to me too…
Post #151530130 added 11-26-2021 3:20 PM by VinceD8923 in Hot Deals
That's what she said.
Post #151518817 added 11-26-2021 12:07 PM by karazi in Hot Deals
Awesome thanks for the clarity
Post #151518769 added 11-26-2021 12:07 PM by HonestMammoth473 in Hot Deals
If they get added to your cart as separate items, yes. If they ring under 1 SKU (e.g. the Ryobi battery 2-pack w/ free sprayer), no.
Post #151514269 added 11-26-2021 10:59 AM by karazi in Hot Deals
Ohhhh damn I see what you did there creative bro
Post #151513048 added 11-26-2021 10:43 AM by ten80 in Hot Deals
Good luck with that.
Post #151505209 added 11-26-2021 9:01 AM by karazi in Hot Deals
Can individual items be returned for a partial refund?
Post #151499899 added 11-26-2021 7:43 AM by karazi in Hot Deals
Good luck with that
Post #151499836 added 11-26-2021 7:42 AM by StrongChin712 in Hot Deals
Disappointed by HD for the entire 2021, the had few deals, jack up prices, no gift card sale, and discontinued 101 workshop coupons. Returned to other retailers for most of my purchase this year.
Post #151488763 added 11-26-2021 3:13 AM by nj930 in Hot Deals
Post #151485997 added 11-26-2021 12:39 AM by ten80 in Hot Deals
I was disappointed
Post #151485268 added 11-26-2021 12:14 AM by juddev in Hot Deals
Mediocre Deals
Post #151429168 added 11-26-2021 12:05 AM by VioletHaddock489 in Hot Deals
The Home Depot has up to 45% off select tools + free 2-day delivery (no minimum) for today only. Ends 11/26.

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