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Post #151919191 added 12-06-2021 1:28 PM by bcbird304 in Deal Talk
Garbage bag is a gross exaggeration unless as you say, the quality has improved - I decided to take a chance - and it feels fine, certainly not like plastic
Post #151873633 added 12-04-2021 8:35 PM by VonV6621 in Deal Talk
I saw one at Marshall’s that had Santa cooking one of his reindeer rotisserie style with death all around him. It was awesome
Post #151871092 added 12-04-2021 6:37 PM by 7minutessober in Deal Talk
Glad everyone's veering off into bullshit about holidays and other stupidity, but there's a$7 "Premium delivery" chargfe and theyt cancelled my order anyway. Kohls sales are better.
Post #151854052 added 12-04-2021 8:07 AM by pojo in Deal Talk
Lol. Next thing you know, Tom Nook is satanic.
Post #151853680 added 12-04-2021 7:51 AM by MatthewL4509 in Deal Talk
Not here to debate, just recalling what I read somewhere online; “” So I guess Christmas was still about the birth of Jesus Christ, but was just moved to an earlier date to gain more...
Post #151849459 added 12-04-2021 4:03 AM by wreckord in Deal Talk
It did not work
Post #151830424 added 12-03-2021 12:50 PM by FIintlock in Deal Talk
Unfortunately the Tom Nook ones are sold out of all sizes. You can find them on eBay but people have marked them way up; $54 is the lowest...
Post #151795342 added 12-02-2021 11:08 AM by Fwumply in Deal Talk
Go celebrate those then. I don't care what you do
Post #151790002 added 12-02-2021 8:34 AM by duckeggs in Deal Talk
exactly. and for everyone else too
Post #151786981 added 12-02-2021 7:04 AM by FHRITP in Deal Talk
When did it become hip to wear "ugly sweaters?". That's when you know you have it too easy...when you make fun of the clothes you're wearing when most of the world can't even afford one of these.
Post #151786849 added 12-02-2021 6:59 AM by IHaveCents in Deal Talk
So, they are perfect for you!
Post #151781899 added 12-02-2021 1:57 AM by duckeggs in Deal Talk
uh, sure. this is still an ugly sweater for ugly people
Post #151781170 added 12-02-2021 12:19 AM by luckydog97 in Deal Talk
Dayum, what a hater. I like a girl that has a sense of humor and has fun. Life is too serious as it is. I've had LITERAL female models, bite at my jeans...not long after being totally goofy. ...
Post #151781023 added 12-02-2021 12:11 AM by duckeggs in Deal Talk
ugly sweaters for ugly people
Post #151770358 added 12-01-2021 5:02 PM by HodakaRoadToad in Deal Talk
I got my daughter the Corgi and I picked up the Spider-Man hat and scarf.
Post #151765189 added 12-01-2021 2:20 PM by kaseydme in Deal Talk
Be nice he has to be “edgy” so he can find self worth in the land of anonymous people, some people just can’t live to troll peoples like 🤷🏼 ♂️ Forgot to add /s to that so he doesn’t think I’m...
Post #151745947 added 12-01-2021 6:04 AM by 7minutessober in Deal Talk
Thank god some 14 year old is on here to set everyone straight about stylistic choice.
Post #151734031 added 11-30-2021 6:52 PM by slickdmelly in Deal Talk
Be careful: the ladies might confuse you for a Poon Hunter in the Bounty Hunter sweater. Make sure you save some for the rest of us if you wear that in public.
Post #151732489 added 11-30-2021 6:08 PM by mangovigil in Deal Talk
Same thing happened to me. Thumbs down.
Post #151727983 added 11-30-2021 3:52 PM by willwillgr in Deal Talk
These things are itchier than a hairy ballsack in a Florida summer🤡
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