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Post #152101624 added 12-12-2021 5:02 PM by DanielD3897 in Deal Talk
I thought the 2880-20 is the newer 4.5 vs the prior 2780-20?
Post #151805620 added 12-02-2021 5:13 PM by TealMaid7482 in Deal Talk
Any chance a deal on a grinder (this or the 2980-20) will come back? I need it and either I pay 199 for the bare tool at HD or 169 on amazon. This was a smoking deal.
Post #151787698 added 12-02-2021 7:27 AM by dmanbluesfreak in Deal Talk
I just got an email that said the item was backordered so they cancelled my order. I guess I was on the tail end of this... Damn, I really needed the grinder and that was a smoking good deal.
Post #151786411 added 12-02-2021 6:45 AM by KMan in Deal Talk
Any have experience with their M12 right angle die grinder? Seems like a perfect tool for rust, paint and crud removal for things that can't be detached and have to be worked on on-site, like car...
Post #151771492 added 12-01-2021 5:42 PM by BigLouDog909 in Deal Talk
It's the DCG416B DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Cordless Brushless 4-1/2 to 5 in. Paddle Switch Angle Grinder with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE I ended up going with, with the yellow tip. Lol. I will try to look for the...
Post #151770895 added 12-01-2021 5:21 PM by jlua in Deal Talk
There’s two sides to this, paddle switch in some applications may be favorable and is also safer in my opinion. If I’m making cuts on tile (I.e cutting a hole on a tile) or small/quick cuts I prefer...
Post #151770811 added 12-01-2021 5:17 PM by dadhacks in Deal Talk
Can you send me a link to that youtube video and/or the exact model dewalt you bought? I'm not sure what "yellow tip" means but I'm in the market for one and would like to review. Thanks!
Post #151755724 added 12-01-2021 10:26 AM by kengulo in Deal Talk
Got the tool only deal back in September for $100
Post #151753066 added 12-01-2021 9:21 AM by KMan in Deal Talk
I'm just getting into their M12 line and was wondering if they have an M12 grinder, angle or otherwise, mainly for light portable work underneath a car getting rid of surface and pitted rust on...
Post #151752649 added 12-01-2021 9:11 AM by G1GRANDEUR in Deal Talk
good thing i ordered this morning, out of stock again
Post #151750672 added 12-01-2021 8:24 AM by aznboi24 in Deal Talk
What do you call Ryobi? Relish?
Post #151749100 added 12-01-2021 7:40 AM by G1GRANDEUR in Deal Talk
thanks ordered one
Post #151748692 added 12-01-2021 7:27 AM by Lou_ in Deal Talk
No, this is the Gen 2 fuel. It was released this year.
Post #151748365 added 12-01-2021 7:18 AM by SloppyBuckS in Deal Talk
Got this on cyber Monday. This deal has been running for couple days to those who are wondering why it’s sold out
Post #151747540 added 12-01-2021 6:55 AM by rgadowski in Deal Talk
I owned the new Ryobi brushless multi tool and others. I started home projects and these tools performed horribly. The multi tool is great for your spouse because it's the top vibrator on the market....
Post #151747405 added 12-01-2021 6:52 AM by DC52NV in Deal Talk
HD recently started doing it. There was a thread about it on here.
Post #151746973 added 12-01-2021 6:40 AM by SiennaPiranha315 in Deal Talk
I was wondering about this. I noticed they make a few models of grinders. I've always had the slide switch and wondered about the lever
Post #151746562 added 12-01-2021 6:26 AM by ShushiiT in Deal Talk
They haven’t released a new one for years they only added Not saying it’s bad but don’t think you are saving much buy anchoring that it was selling for $200 tool only
Post #151746232 added 12-01-2021 6:15 AM by SkillfulTree693 in Deal Talk
How can you tell it’s an model vs newer. Is this just this tool or all the fuel line has newer and older models
Post #151746217 added 12-01-2021 6:15 AM by jpepper07 in Deal Talk
Mother f....I bought it then canceled it cus I was afraid I used the wrong card. I thought I would have a chance to reorder and I waited to long. Sold out....Iv been waiting on a deal like this.
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