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Post #152043280 added 12-10-2021 12:01 PM by bigDeal44 in Hot Deals
apply coupon 20YULEOFF
Post #151958656 added 12-07-2021 6:12 PM by 44newtown in Hot Deals
I know that Jaws, Carlito’s Way and Scarface are.
Post #151927366 added 12-06-2021 6:22 PM by Norse0223 in Hot Deals
They raised the prices. Oh well, I'll wait. I normally buy 4k at the $10 mark.
Post #151911883 added 12-06-2021 9:36 AM by SQ9123 in Hot Deals
This deal still good? I just tried and the best I can do is $13 for a movie...
Post #151883596 added 12-05-2021 9:22 AM by notman in Hot Deals
I’m probably too late in replying at this point, but you can cancel orders prior to them shipping. I’ve done that with a pre-order or two.
Post #151881223 added 12-05-2021 7:41 AM by agronbach in Hot Deals
Gemini Man being shot at 120fps also makes it quite the oddity in modern cinema. It’s amazing to watch on a proper 4K Dolby Vision TV though, why not find somewhere to buy Gemini Man on disc if...
Post #151816369 added 12-03-2021 5:16 AM by Jesterrace in Hot Deals
3 for $10 each, not 3 for $10 total.
Post #151815226 added 12-03-2021 3:54 AM by Jerseyboy76 in Hot Deals
4 k uhd disks were never 3 for 10
Post #151815019 added 12-03-2021 3:21 AM by Jerseyboy76 in Hot Deals
No Scarface or Carlitos way wasn't on there
Post #151806130 added 12-02-2021 5:32 PM by Jesterrace in Hot Deals
Isn't this just the same list of titles that they had on the 3 for $24 sale or the 3 for $10 each sales that they did in the last few weeks?
Post #151799500 added 12-02-2021 1:17 PM by TXGoat in Hot Deals
lol, I guess you've been looking at the same Star Wars III scene where they're in their X-wing fighters. I turned that on once, but I still like the look of the Gemini Man with the Dolby Vision...
Post #151793236 added 12-02-2021 10:11 AM by Itchiee in Hot Deals
Fix the cigarette lighter
Post #151790236 added 12-02-2021 8:43 AM by ChrisA8208 in Hot Deals
If you're using an Xbox One X, I could never get scarface to play. Everything else has played so far.
Post #151787326 added 12-02-2021 7:17 AM by dstppy in Hot Deals
Blues Brothers and Animal House That's a great deal for cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks . . .
Post #151786450 added 12-02-2021 6:46 AM by Merkels_merkin in Hot Deals
Its all about whether the movie was captured on film. Film still captures more details than current Hollywood digital cameras, so as long as the film elements remain and are in good condition they...
Post #151785109 added 12-02-2021 5:55 AM by Itchiee in Hot Deals
In for a double dose of Al Pacino.... Thx!
Post #151781782 added 12-02-2021 1:37 AM by Oplix in Hot Deals
I think I know what you're referring to in regards to Robotech and that annoys me as well. I like the intro of the original TV release and it's disappointing hearing the generic mix with other sound...
Post #151780636 added 12-01-2021 11:31 PM by stepping_razor in Hot Deals
'My name is Benny Blanco from the Bronx.' Time to get Carlito. And The Thing. Price may eventually go down a buck or two, but why wait? (And don't even tempt me on Animal House or Blues Bros....
Post #151776373 added 12-01-2021 8:12 PM by Shake-N-Bake in Hot Deals
I hear you on the colorization. Personally, I think the biggest issue with that is just that we’re not used to seeing those things in color, so it’s jarring. Not that it necessarily doesn’t look...
Post #151774660 added 12-01-2021 7:12 PM by TXGoat in Hot Deals
The flip side of that would be some of the old cartoons that I purchased where they injected some "stereo" sounds and it sounds out of place. I think that's what happened in the Transformers...
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