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Post #151945315 added 12-07-2021 10:27 AM by SaltonUnsalted in Deal Talk
Mine arrived dented and smelling strongly of perfume or soap... got a refund.
Post #151905670 added 12-06-2021 5:46 AM by 1slick007 in Deal Talk
Just tried it again and it looks like it’s working now. The price was actually lower too. $20.89 with SS.
Post #151905634 added 12-06-2021 5:43 AM by miuk in Deal Talk
worked for me, the price didnt change at the checkout page
Post #151892821 added 12-05-2021 4:01 PM by meedeex in Deal Talk
Same here.
Post #151892626 added 12-05-2021 3:52 PM by 1slick007 in Deal Talk
Anybody else having problems with the price going up to $33 when you check out? The price on the product page still shows $21.48 SS, but when I set it up the confirm changes the price to $33.42??
Post #151892497 added 12-05-2021 3:44 PM by cruiserchuck1 in Deal Talk
I tried the Starbuck's Pike Place capsules today. They tasted good, and had a strong taste like coffee at Starbucks. The capsules are made by Nestle/Nespresso, and they worked fine in the Nespresso...
Post #151892161 added 12-05-2021 3:28 PM by lsdlsd0 in Deal Talk
Can you return it?
Post #151892032 added 12-05-2021 3:21 PM by AquaPicture2620 in Deal Talk
I prefer these to Peet's, but I think it comes down to personal taste - they both use aluminum capsules. I've bought these capsules multiple times myself (sold by Amazon) - they always came in...
Post #151889788 added 12-05-2021 1:35 PM by Davemah in Deal Talk
My last order of starbucks capsules from Amazon (via a non-amazon seller) came mostly dented in the shipping. Some where in a way that I could not even use them. The deal is solid but I’m not sure...
Post #151888750 added 12-05-2021 12:51 PM by xtreme571 in Deal Talk
That's what I've noticed lately with discounted food items. They're just about to expire. I had ordered shelf stable oat milk last year and it had date for 6 months. I ordered same milk this year...
Post #151888321 added 12-05-2021 12:34 PM by spica in Deal Talk
How do they taste? If they taste anything like the peet’s pods I’d love to buy some.
Post #151875505 added 12-04-2021 10:27 PM by cruiserchuck1 in Deal Talk
I noticed this price yesterday, and ordered one. I received it today. It was in old style packaging, unlike in the listing, which shows the new and improved packaging. The pods had a Feb 22...
Post #151874563 added 12-04-2021 9:26 PM by AquaPicture2620 in Deal Talk
$20.41 with Subscribe and Save (5% discount). https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07PY57H19

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