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Post #152130319 added 12-13-2021 3:45 PM by thomas7561 in Deal Talk
How is the web interface for these now? Tried using the web interface from a while back for a family friend's cricut and it was horribly slow and laggy. This was true on different computers too so it...
Post #152088853 added 12-12-2021 8:19 AM by cncfactory in Deal Talk
What are the differences between these smaller vinyl cutters and the bigger ones that have legs? Just the ability to cut bigger objects? I want to make vinyl wraps for my car interior like the center...
Post #152035855 added 12-10-2021 8:41 AM by egglan in Deal Talk
Light Tack Mat is included + 1 black marker. I ordered this earlier in the week and received it yesterday.
Post #151998340 added 12-09-2021 5:34 AM by beezer86 in Deal Talk
Can someone say if this is better? https://www.costco.com/cricut-maker-everyday-personalization-bundle.product.100794384.html Cricut Maker Everyday Personalization Bundle $250
Post #151998184 added 12-09-2021 5:24 AM by JodiM in Deal Talk
I just posted about a Maker deal... over half off https://slickdeals.net/f/15489418-cricut-maker-everything-materials-bundle-champagne-279-99?v=1
Post #151986214 added 12-08-2021 3:28 PM by KoalaCookie in Deal Talk
Thanks. I'm returning the Cricut Explore Air 2 Daybreak for this one. I'd rather have the bundle for $10 more than the $30 store credit, plus I like the mint color too....
Post #151985563 added 12-08-2021 3:07 PM by rp001 in Deal Talk
Thanks. It's from Walmart so I guess can be used for anything from walmart?
Post #151982323 added 12-08-2021 1:03 PM by Airmont in Deal Talk
$30 credit on Amazon can be used for any Amazon purchases.
Post #151974151 added 12-08-2021 8:54 AM by Pssstyeahyou in Deal Talk
I purchased a Maker essential bundle for my wife and Air Explore 2 bundle for my mother; BOTH came with the mat.
Post #151972957 added 12-08-2021 8:18 AM by rp001 in Deal Talk
https://slickdeals.net/share/android_app/t/15430708 Seems to be dead now though.
Post #151972150 added 12-08-2021 7:50 AM by Sharon_sh7 in Deal Talk
This one would not cut wood. I have it and I regret not buying the maker. You can get the maker (previous model) for 199 at Cricut. I think it’s a better deal.
Post #151971769 added 12-08-2021 7:38 AM by gsumax in Deal Talk
Thank you
Post #151971697 added 12-08-2021 7:36 AM by roni2010 in Deal Talk
What/where is the $139 w/$30 deal? Link?
Post #151971295 added 12-08-2021 7:28 AM by mjercer88 in Deal Talk
As far as I know, the monthly subscription is for accessing a ton of svg files which are the different patterns and fonts etc that you can cut out. I think it's about $10 a month and we pay it...
Post #151971283 added 12-08-2021 7:28 AM by rp001 in Deal Talk
I got the 139 deal with $30 digital credit. Anyone knows what that credit can be used for? Wondering if this is a better deal for 150. Primary use will be for my daughter to make stickers. First...
Post #151971220 added 12-08-2021 7:26 AM by clovesdeals in Deal Talk
They reversed course on charging to upload after customer outcry. They do have a plan that allows you designs and a premium feature(only one for now) plus discounts if you buy from them. It isn't...
Post #151970404 added 12-08-2021 6:58 AM by betapilot21 in Deal Talk
The Cricut Air 2 Mint (SKU 2003638) includes the mat if you look up that sku sold separately
Post #151970326 added 12-08-2021 6:56 AM by roni2010 in Deal Talk
Or perhaps the $199 deal on Cricut site is a better deal? https://cricut.com/en_us/cricut-explore-airtm-2-mint-everything-bundle.html
Post #151970290 added 12-08-2021 6:54 AM by TheOldRepublic in Deal Talk
I want to get this for my wife but I remember her mentioning that Cricut now charges monthly subscription service which I think turn her off. Is that true?
Post #151970281 added 12-08-2021 6:54 AM by roni2010 in Deal Talk
Sorry, but I checked 3x and i do not see MAT in list of bundled items. I see: Bundle Includes: Cricut Air 2 Mint (SKU 2003638) Cricut Premium Vinyl Pk-20ct (SKU 2005162) Cricut Essential Vinyl...
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