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Post #155222602 added 05-21-2022 5:14 AM by ulall in Deal Talk
i was using the LG software and it is not very good. If you are using WIndows you can directly split screen by simultaneously pressing the window and left arrow keys on the keyboard and I think you...
Post #153151795 added 01-27-2022 12:38 AM by vacuuum in Deal Talk
I use this monitor with straight DP to PC and the brightness is set to 50 cause brighter would be too bright I sometimes turn it down to 30 when gaming in the dark Macs have a weird thing with...
Post #152804047 added 01-10-2022 11:43 PM by schau_CTP in Deal Talk
Finally got a chance to open the box and try out the monitor. I am using DP to USBC on my MacBook Pro (not M1), the monitor automatic set the Brightness to 100 and you cannot set contrast...
Post #152795026 added 01-10-2022 2:05 PM by iUnbeatable in Deal Talk
After using my surface pro 7 tablet with this monitor for few weeks (installed OnScreen control on my surface) , laptop started giving BSOD and completely crashed. On researching and working with...
Post #152566813 added 12-30-2021 11:23 AM by Schaef_me in Deal Talk
Because some people say the difference is negligible. It was not in my case.
Post #152547898 added 12-29-2021 4:31 PM by cantalup in Deal Talk
But why you bought it ha🤣😆. This is my first curve ultra wide light gaming monitor. I am happy with color reproduction compared with my other va and ips tv( as work monitor) . My other va hp omen...
Post #152540560 added 12-29-2021 11:23 AM by Schaef_me in Deal Talk
Yea I know all of that. Said it in my post
Post #152527258 added 12-28-2021 7:46 PM by cantalup in Deal Talk
You should know va versus ips. Good luck funding 35” ips 100+hz ultra wide for $350 hmm tough luck. It is 100hz max through DP port , assuming you already know… Va and ips has different tone...
Post #152488147 added 12-27-2021 9:43 AM by Schaef_me in Deal Talk
So I just got this and have put about 10 hours of Hell Let Loose on it. I think I’m going to return it. I have a 27 inch ips 165 hz AGON monitor to compare it to and I cannot get the LG to match up...
Post #152349046 added 12-21-2021 10:42 AM by wgharper in Deal Talk
Order this and finally got around to setting it up today with my work laptop (16" MacBook Pro, 2020). Driving off HDMI and it looks fine for my needs. It's a little dimmer and grainier than the...
Post #152248378 added 12-17-2021 1:39 PM by Beechos in Deal Talk
Yeah its def 2.0 or higher whatever came with the swries x and ps5, not really a big deal i can always use the one that came with it also just curious.
Post #152239975 added 12-17-2021 9:33 AM by cantalup in Deal Talk
It seems back in stock again….
Post #152218069 added 12-16-2021 2:27 PM by umd16 in Deal Talk
Yes I changed to DP using the joystick controls. My problem was getting bad flickering to a black screen anytime I was using DP. Sometimes it would only allow a max resolution of 1920x1080 and a max...
Post #152216377 added 12-16-2021 1:28 PM by sillywabbittwix in Deal Talk
Not sure if you know, but the LG monitor can’t detect the input signal. You have to use the joystick under the monitor to accept the DP as the input signal. Same if you decide to use the HDMI...
Post #152214835 added 12-16-2021 12:42 PM by umd16 in Deal Talk
I decided to reorder the monitor in hopes that maybe the first one had a bad display port. Sure enough, just tested the 2nd monitor and the DP works just fine. Whew!
Post #152163073 added 12-14-2021 6:25 PM by DavidJMcC in Deal Talk
Uhh, any chance for a restock before the 19th?
Post #152161717 added 12-14-2021 5:31 PM by arooni in Deal Talk
For anyone with a Mac, especially the new M1 Macs, this tool is a godsend for fixing the resolution/fuzzy text situation. Much easier to read after tweaking the text a little.
Post #152139508 added 12-13-2021 10:52 PM by NikeJacket in Deal Talk
Curved vs flat, VA panel vs IPS, those are the main differences. I am going to try the curved LG and compare it with a curved BenQ EX3203R to see which looks better with my macbook pro / pc laptop...
Post #152139256 added 12-13-2021 10:38 PM by nairbl in Deal Talk
Thanks everyone for noting that this item was back in stock. I was able to order one. Shipping speed is slower than I would prefer, but that's ok.
Post #152128828 added 12-13-2021 3:50 PM by hunternm in Deal Talk
Can't decide between this and another LG monitor from Costco: I do not play games. only use it for...
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