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Post #155525869 added 06-06-2022 12:04 PM by armharm in Hot Deals
Deal is still good. $123 minus $10 with WOWFRESH. Got it shipped for free too.
Post #155426152 added 06-01-2022 5:56 AM by eb50 in Hot Deals
Wowfresh doesn't work
Post #155261527 added 05-23-2022 11:46 AM by JCouch333 in Hot Deals
So far so good after about 48 hours. My house is about 4400 sq foot under roof, and full coverage everwhere and well into the yard. There are currently 44 devices connected including 21 TP-Link...
Post #155256853 added 05-23-2022 8:18 AM by Baccanalion in Hot Deals
Glad you got it . You will love it.
Post #155219764 added 05-20-2022 8:05 PM by JCouch333 in Hot Deals
I put this in my cart earlier today at $151, and it changed to $123 about 2 hours later. I was busy at the time, and went to make the purchase about 30 minutes later, and it was back to $151. Now...
Post #154675753 added 04-20-2022 7:12 PM by steve8091 in Hot Deals
If anyone is still watching, the W6000 is currently at $123 again. :)
Post #154375684 added 04-04-2022 6:02 PM by jshillin in Hot Deals
I have been checking it every couple hours and keep missing it some how. Does an alert exist for walmart like triple camel?
Post #154349476 added 04-03-2022 6:48 AM by mycardson in Hot Deals
Can't tell the pattern when Walmart would put it on sale. Saw reduced price a couple of times in night time since last Dec. And unfortunately the Walmart tracking tools are not good as 3Camel for...
Post #154343800 added 04-02-2022 5:07 PM by jshillin in Hot Deals
Did they go on sale already today? I checked a few times and have only saw them at $151
Post #154333129 added 04-02-2022 12:49 AM by mycardson in Hot Deals
W6000 goes on sale price again at $123.41 as of 04/02/2022
Post #153566716 added 02-17-2022 7:48 PM by tchalljr in Hot Deals
W6000 2-pack showing $123.41 tonight at Walmart.
Post #153485167 added 02-13-2022 7:10 AM by frozenflame4326 in Hot Deals
I’m going to repost my comment from the Costco Deco X5700 thread since many people are comparing them. I bought both the W6000 2-pack and the X5700 2-pack. I expected the X5700 to blow the W6000 out...
Post #153424099 added 02-09-2022 7:02 PM by bergerking in Hot Deals
Just installed this and was getting 400-650mbps on wireless and 920mbps on wired initially. It suddenly become capped at 100mbps for all connections. Anyone encountered the same and any solutions?
Post #153388555 added 02-08-2022 6:20 AM by tchalljr in Hot Deals
X60 has 6 streams, but W6000 supports 160 MHz Bandwidth, so it's not cut and dry. I had buyer's remorse over the W6000 for a couple of weeks, but I'm getting my 400/20 plan speeds over my entire...
Post #153327274 added 02-04-2022 7:05 PM by sdoberma in Hot Deals
So x60 is better than w6000???
Post #153268288 added 02-02-2022 5:24 AM by mattzel in Hot Deals
I got the deal at the $103 price point. They're way better than my old onhub with a google node. So at that price I think it's worth it even if it's 4 streams. I guess it all depends on what you...
Post #153263989 added 02-01-2022 8:05 PM by dealnabber in Hot Deals
Correct, see my post above, and that's the exact reason why I canceled this Walmart W6000 order and will instead hold out for a sale on the real X60 (waiting for $219.99 for a 3-pack from Costco).
Post #153255718 added 02-01-2022 12:28 PM by JoeSocks in Hot Deals
Anyone else notice that when you compare the w6000 and the deco x60 on tp-link's website, the difference is that the X60 has 6 streams vs the 4 streams on the w6000. Just pointing it out, as it...
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