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Post #153239512 added 01-31-2022 4:56 PM by Exotic_Jungle in Deal Talk
Just missed the deal n been chatting with target rep for price much but no luck… any tips?
Post #153225730 added 01-31-2022 5:32 AM by koss2010 in Deal Talk
And it's gone.....
Post #153151870 added 01-26-2022 11:49 PM by TalentedGalley5960 in Deal Talk
I have used this iron shelf table before, can it hold heavy objects? Or just use it as a desk? Trust me, if you put something too heavy, it might not hold up because there is no stand in the middle
Post #153140479 added 01-26-2022 12:25 PM by Jimwm in Deal Talk
20” depth is not much
Post #153117655 added 01-25-2022 1:03 PM by saxman in Deal Talk
Tempted to buy this to turn into a cheap router table, but I'm worried the crappy top might not hold up. Guess it could be subbed for a piece of birch ply or mdf easily enough, tho...
Post #153086533 added 01-24-2022 1:19 AM by EagerBook421 in Deal Talk
Yes, the wooden ones are better in my opinion, however, they will also be more expensive, trust me, I tried
Post #153085708 added 01-23-2022 11:12 PM by Dearworf in Deal Talk
The four legs of this table are made of iron, right? At $47.50, which one would be better compared to pure wood? To be honest, I prefer it to be made of wood.
Post #153045523 added 01-21-2022 5:52 PM by Gamer-sa in Deal Talk
we have the large corner desk for home office work. it scratches easily and you can already see the paint coming of where the computer mouse is used. we put a large pad on there to help with that, so...
Post #153044182 added 01-21-2022 4:32 PM by deezy186 in Deal Talk
Thank you OP, decided to jump in and get one...have been looking for a 36" wide desk for a while now and have been trying to avoid the generic ones on amazon for fear of poor quality...what sold me...
Post #153040849 added 01-21-2022 1:51 PM by JTU128 in Deal Talk
Well, it is a cheap desk. If you want a quality desk be prepared to pay 4x
Post #153033577 added 01-21-2022 8:50 AM by tiggerangel in Deal Talk
Thanks OP. I need a desk to help my kid with his school work at his desk instead of me leaning over, so this is great….much cheaper than IKEA believe it or not.
Post #153032032 added 01-21-2022 7:46 AM by wolfpackwx in Deal Talk
This is perfect for what I need. Something to hold router and printer off the floor in the office - nothing too heavy. Also, space for the dog to sleep under.
Post #153031138 added 01-21-2022 7:06 AM by oychbb in Deal Talk
It wobbles when you just look at it.
Post #153030769 added 01-21-2022 6:45 AM by single_flyer in Deal Talk
It has a cubby with two outlets plus two USB ports.
Post #153030397 added 01-21-2022 6:27 AM by BridgeIU in Deal Talk
What hidden outlet?
Post #153027427 added 01-21-2022 12:31 AM by QueensGambit in Deal Talk
I get it’s around $50-75 but goddamn do these desks look cheap as hell
Post #153026860 added 01-20-2022 11:00 PM by Massaman in Deal Talk
The laminate just doesn't hold up well. It's soft and scratches easily. I use a large mouse/desk pad and that's super helpful on these small desks.
Post #153026800 added 01-20-2022 10:50 PM by single_flyer in Deal Talk
I wanted to get the Loring Wood Writing Desk about 2 years ago when Covid/Work from Home first hit. Was impossible to find. At this price it is a no brainer. I love the hidden outlets built in.
Post #153026710 added 01-20-2022 10:36 PM by tacticalpacket in Deal Talk
He did!
Post #153025867 added 01-20-2022 9:12 PM by penis_scmenis in Deal Talk
This delivered today, was damaged. I have put in a return request. Looked okay-ish.
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