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Post #154570555 added 04-14-2022 10:58 PM by bcm00re in Deal Talk
Deal is DEAD
Post #154544164 added 04-13-2022 4:09 PM by hchen42 in Deal Talk
Kind of agree. super laggy. tapping on message app took 5-10 seconds to launch.
Post #154474000 added 04-09-2022 11:00 PM by mobile4kevin in Deal Talk
phone lags like people mentioned
Post #154307929 added 03-31-2022 4:58 PM by HDTiVoFan in Deal Talk
Do you have a link for the A20? I can't find this deal. Thx.
Post #154275484 added 03-29-2022 8:47 PM by pabster69 in Deal Talk
A02 is a real hunk of junk folks. It’s not worth free.
Post #154274515 added 03-29-2022 7:38 PM by lleung1980 in Deal Talk
Should I buy this as my backup phone or I'm better off to get a used S8 as backup/hotspot phone?
Post #154240564 added 03-27-2022 6:49 PM by organiccc in Deal Talk
Me too! Very thankful for this advice. My total was $35.99!
Post #154240549 added 03-27-2022 6:48 PM by organiccc in Deal Talk
I took your advice and it worked perfectly! Got $20 Spendable Ka$h + Hello10 ($10 off code) = $30 savings I had to be patient and persistent. At first the agent gave the impression there's...
Post #154240501 added 03-27-2022 6:43 PM by organiccc in Deal Talk
Thank you RatchetRussian!
Post #154220410 added 03-26-2022 11:57 AM by RatchetRussian in Deal Talk
Looks like they are very hesitant to give "Spendable Ka$h" credits now, but I did get them to manually override the price after I already placed the order.
Post #154150882 added 03-22-2022 12:56 PM by A.Czervik in Deal Talk
stay away, bought it, returned it after 18 days, display absolutely sucks, don't buy 👎👎👎
Post #154121404 added 03-20-2022 10:01 PM by Probedude in Deal Talk
Thank you!! Worked perfectly!
Post #154112428 added 03-20-2022 10:19 AM by Hsudo in Deal Talk
If anyone wasn't able to get the HSN2022 coupon to work, try contacting them directly. I used their customer service chat and explained the coupon didn't work in the shopping cart checkout. If...
Post #153680824 added 02-24-2022 3:37 PM by azchadillac in Deal Talk
The HSN code won’t work, even though I’ve never bought anything from them.
Post #153648250 added 02-22-2022 7:04 PM by Probedude in Deal Talk
Tried that too. Different email address and credit card. Maybe it's the shipping address. . . I don't remember ever buying something from them before though.
Post #153633847 added 02-22-2022 5:07 AM by AnciusD in Deal Talk
I think separate payment card and (?) email.
Post #153621934 added 02-21-2022 11:59 AM by Probedude in Deal Talk
Cannot get the coupon to work. Tried 2 different email accts. Anyone know how HSN tracks previous accts? (which I don't think I have btw)
Post #153605557 added 02-20-2022 9:45 AM by lurch1 in Deal Talk
Which is better....the A02 or the A20 for $20 more?
Post #153596692 added 02-19-2022 3:07 PM by AnciusD in Deal Talk
Generally, not a fan of Samsung phones but I've read that Pure is sluggish due to the MediaTek chip. Specs for comparison:...
Post #153593332 added 02-19-2022 10:21 AM by prsf in Deal Talk
Which one is better after unlock, this Samsung A02 or Moto G pure alsom from Tracfone deal?
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