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Post #153173191 added 01-28-2022 3:45 AM by vo_danh in Deal Talk
Shipping kills the deal.
Post #153173086 added 01-28-2022 3:15 AM by PamHenD in Deal Talk
Think out of the box people. This would work great for makeup, facial items, nail polish and so much more. Sold out anyway.
Post #153157972 added 01-27-2022 10:33 AM by StrongMoney163 in Deal Talk
"this wire spice rack ..." just want to confirm, means metal right? edit: amazon listing says steel - even 'alloy steel' and 'sturdy steel'. ...
Post #153156175 added 01-27-2022 9:00 AM by jlunski in Deal Talk
My wife collects shot glasses, I think this would work pretty well for storing/organizing them.
Post #153153595 added 01-27-2022 6:31 AM by FuschiaFang3448 in Deal Talk
Brilliant. 😂
Post #153151876 added 01-27-2022 12:50 AM by Davidhh in Deal Talk
Thanks, op! This looks like the perfect size for displaying some figurines I have (Game of Thrones, Doctor, Who, etc.) if I wall mount it. I'll probably also use one in the kitchen for spices,...
Post #153148006 added 01-26-2022 7:24 PM by Quikfinger in Deal Talk
OPTIONAL WALL MOUNT: This organizer can either sit on a countertop or be mounted to the wall, making it perfect for any home. Rubberized feet prevent sliding on the counter, and the four feet raise...
Post #153145405 added 01-26-2022 5:17 PM by Guyman in Deal Talk
Thanks God it's diversified or it would be cancelled instantly.
Post #153144616 added 01-26-2022 4:37 PM by acr197 in Deal Talk
What is up with these comments? Nobody uses spices on SD? This SPICE rack fits spice bottles nearly perfectly. McCormicks are a little loose but not so much they rattle around freely, but what's...
Post #153144505 added 01-26-2022 4:30 PM by ash78 in Deal Talk
Diversity: “I guess I’ll buy some bay leaves, even though I don’t think they do anything.” Equity: “I suppose the bay leaves should stay on the top rack where I can see them.” Inclusion: “This...
Post #153144463 added 01-26-2022 4:28 PM by porkyfan in Deal Talk
The Gateway drug....
Post #153144238 added 01-26-2022 4:14 PM by politewonderkid in Deal Talk
Why? Slickdeals, just why?
Post #153143977 added 01-26-2022 4:01 PM by foxfai in Deal Talk
First thing come in to my mind too. Different size of bottles of everything and the big one can't go in.
Post #153143704 added 01-26-2022 3:46 PM by MissMisery in Deal Talk
Post #153143449 added 01-26-2022 3:34 PM by pacol250 in Deal Talk
My guess is weed, ganja, marijuana, Mary Jane, take your pick.
Post #153142450 added 01-26-2022 2:48 PM by glazedfaith in Deal Talk
Strains of what?
Post #153140887 added 01-26-2022 1:45 PM by Milk4Ever in Deal Talk
This is a spice rack, and the size is perfect for that use. Other than that, maybe good for nail polish. It would be better if they had emphasized it in the title.
Post #153140569 added 01-26-2022 1:29 PM by Tami92109 in Deal Talk
Perfect for a bathroom organizer for makeup bottles though.
Post #153138313 added 01-26-2022 11:55 AM by desidude2000 in Deal Talk
SD trying to push this on us. Likely a failed product due to the unbelievably narrow width of less than 3 inches. And I am sure there is a “that’s what she said” joke in there somewhere.
Post #153138148 added 01-26-2022 11:49 AM by Ukic in Deal Talk
Will a regular size flip top bottle fit these? Perfect for different types of strain display! Asking for a friend.
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