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Post #153421708 added 02-09-2022 4:51 PM by Greenhill in Deal Talk
The app is garbage. That's why it's not even worth it for free. The reboot / sequel Save by the Bell is really fun, but again only if the app functions. But there is a lot of shit on it, a lot, but...
Post #153403072 added 02-08-2022 7:48 PM by BF_ in Deal Talk
I understand there are plenty of people who prefer cartoon network and anime. too each their own
Post #153384601 added 02-07-2022 9:30 PM by Pssstyeahyou in Deal Talk
I had the free 3 months of premium which was due to end this month and it was extended through the rest of the year additionally if you want you can "upgrade" to Premium Plus (no commercials) it'll...
Post #153380524 added 02-07-2022 5:12 PM by LavenderRecess696 in Deal Talk
How long does it take spectrum to process this? It went through and I got a confirmation email, but my account still hasn't upgraded to premium. Same email. It's been about 5 hrs. I'd like to watch...
Post #153358921 added 02-06-2022 6:37 PM by haamro in Deal Talk
Use PayPal and immediately remove it from Paypal automatic payments.
Post #153353323 added 02-06-2022 11:33 AM by BF_ in Deal Talk
that was already answered by twitch_77 half way up the page
Post #153327520 added 02-04-2022 7:23 PM by metri3 in Deal Talk
if I sign up and then cancel will it stop recurring billing at the end of the subscription and let me continue to watch or will it cancel the subscription right then?
Post #153324004 added 02-04-2022 3:41 PM by BF_ in Deal Talk
i certainly haven't been a member here long enough but don't get the hostility towards a free offer. it's not like you're paying for the service, it's free with your ISP/TV service. if you don't like...
Post #153308647 added 02-03-2022 11:11 PM by rochelle017 in Deal Talk
I guess their feelings were hurt. They are probably out now looking for a safe space on a college campus .
Post #153308635 added 02-03-2022 11:09 PM by rochelle017 in Deal Talk
Have any of my fellow SD'ers on Long Island qualify for this? thanks
Post #153294217 added 02-03-2022 10:01 AM by steazy in Deal Talk
Wooooooooooot. I just got 3 months for having Spectrum Internet. I'm streaming my favorite show. Thanks OP.
Post #153293017 added 02-03-2022 9:04 AM by wabbleknee in Deal Talk
So would this open a channel # on my spectrum stb or??
Post #153292303 added 02-03-2022 8:30 AM by Gforce in Deal Talk
No...not upset...Honestly I don't give two $hits but thanks for playing along.
Post #153292024 added 02-03-2022 8:17 AM by likeaw in Deal Talk
I agree. Glad I have a choice. They never have any sales on their services since they took over Time Warner. Wish that was not allowed. They also send me ads in the Spanish..WTF
Post #153291829 added 02-03-2022 8:07 AM by twitch_77 in Deal Talk
You're being toxic and you're upset someone is putting you down for it? :lmao:
Post #153291760 added 02-03-2022 8:04 AM by Gforce in Deal Talk
My "toxic attitude"..."spreading negativity in the world"... A bit of an overreach don't you think? I was replying to someone who was attempting to put me down because they don't like how I feel...
Post #153291592 added 02-03-2022 7:56 AM by rootbear in Deal Talk
Not as much as Spectrum does though. They are the worst.
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