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Post #154018399 added 03-15-2022 5:48 AM by fewlio in Hot Deals
True. In the "prequels" yoda has to save obi wan and anakin by controlling/lifting large object that count dookoo was gonna drop on them and kill them . then if you compare yoda empire strikes...
Post #154017157 added 03-15-2022 2:49 AM by tacoma99 in Hot Deals
Is anyone left who hasn't played this?
Post #153994717 added 03-13-2022 8:56 PM by jl2672a in Hot Deals
So in this game, you can crush Tie Fighters and Star Destroyers with your force. Size matters not. So why can I not crush the entire universe with the Force if size matters not? Yoda, I’m calling...
Post #153983830 added 03-13-2022 6:50 AM by LikeABadPenny in Hot Deals
I don't disagree, the point I was making was more related to the fact that it's an appropriate price for such an old game, and by now I'm surprised more people don't already own it due to it's age...
Post #153982066 added 03-12-2022 10:44 PM by Clompshark in Hot Deals
Except it’s a great game.
Post #153976174 added 03-12-2022 1:15 PM by Frank_Nitty in Hot Deals
Ok thanks... I liked the platforming that TFO had to offer. At that price alone, I'm probably gonna get it then.
It's more linear, because it does not have the open world style of The Fallen Order. It also doesn't really have the platforming elements (the parkour/climbing stuff). There are some puzzles and...
Post #153965506 added 03-11-2022 7:26 PM by slickdmelly in Hot Deals
Show us on this doll where Star Wars The Force Unleashed unleashed on you.
Post #153965443 added 03-11-2022 7:20 PM by inck243 in Hot Deals
Yup was this game lol I can’t stand this game. It’s just irritating. The stupid storm troopers with the lasers that make you fall off cliffs and die … literally dying all the time by falling off...
Post #153964732 added 03-11-2022 6:29 PM by Frank_Nitty in Hot Deals
Compared to Jedi Fallen Order, how well does this game title fare?...
Post #153949585 added 03-10-2022 10:18 PM by JMBauer74 in Hot Deals
Even after doing a 100 percent completion of this game, it was still fun to come back and play through the levels.
Post #153948247 added 03-10-2022 7:46 PM by IdeaofEvil in Hot Deals
I'd get this for the DLC since I never purchased any for the console edition. But am I wrong in remembering hearing that this game is super buggy on the pc??
Post #153948205 added 03-10-2022 7:44 PM by Hyrax in Hot Deals
Actually, it is still canon.
Post #153948124 added 03-10-2022 7:35 PM by drwho135 in Hot Deals
Old, but under 3 bucks, I am in. Thanks OP.
Post #153944407 added 03-10-2022 4:08 PM by burticus in Hot Deals
Not a terrible game, and better than the sequel IMO. It's over the top kinda ridiculous but still mostly fun. The whole force vs star destroyer thing was kinda dumb tho.... or was that the...
Post #153940975 added 03-10-2022 1:46 PM by jazyje in Hot Deals
Was this in any game bundles ? Or free on Epic?
Post #153939289 added 03-10-2022 12:35 PM by The_Doug in Hot Deals
This was AMAZING on Wii. I can't imagine it would feel similar on PC without hand controls though. This really needs a full VR remake.
Post #153939010 added 03-10-2022 12:28 PM by nshah in Hot Deals
was buggy mess when played yrs ago. but probably with newer systems u wont experience them. u can definitely play until u r bored for this price.
Post #153937285 added 03-10-2022 11:35 AM by Shake-N-Bake in Hot Deals
It’s actually a lot of fun. Way more fun than Jedi Fallen Order. Being able to force grab and then crush a tie fighter feels awesome.
Post #153935956 added 03-10-2022 10:59 AM by Dann610 in Hot Deals
This comes with the first game and its DLCs. The sequel is not included in this edition, but its base game can be purchased from the same site for $4.59.
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