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Post #156100774 added 07-07-2022 2:39 PM by VioletLlama1222 in Deal Talk
Fast delivery and not a scratch on the box ❤️
Post #154685926 added 04-21-2022 10:51 AM by youra6 in Deal Talk
Not after fees it isn't
Post #154685854 added 04-21-2022 10:46 AM by vtecnsx1 in Deal Talk
3 orders with Zavvi since last year. Each time it's smoother and faster. First one took over 6 weeks to arrive but the last one, I got my kit in perfect condition within 10 days. Maybe they're...
Post #154615456 added 04-17-2022 2:04 PM by Morpheen in Deal Talk
Man...Lego is like the coolest shit ever. I god damn love Lego. It sucks that awesomeness translates directly to US dollars on a 1:1 scale making it wayyyy too expensive for a peasant such as myself....
Post #154612252 added 04-17-2022 10:07 AM by Golfer2000 in Deal Talk
There's a flash sale today for 699 on this set btw
Post #154592770 added 04-16-2022 5:56 AM by iamwiz82 in Deal Talk
I ordered the CAT D11 on sale last week from Zavvi, arrived on Thursday and was perfect.
Post #154580743 added 04-15-2022 11:58 AM by st2288 in Deal Talk
I bought over 1k from Zavvi, until I had to cancel ONE order within 10 min. My account was cancelled. Try and see.
Post #154580641 added 04-15-2022 11:54 AM by myopinion77 in Deal Talk
I ordered 3D movies from them in the past. They all arrived fine but it took them forever to get here (even after they shipped). I ordered the Ghostbuster ECTO-1 on the deal from April 8th. It...
Post #154579417 added 04-15-2022 10:54 AM by dstppy in Deal Talk
Auntie Em, is that you? We thought we buried you; apparently you're still alive and driving a car more expensive than a 1br condo . . . who knew?
Post #154578268 added 04-15-2022 10:03 AM by patricksaez in Deal Talk
It's only $650 on stockx
Post #154577077 added 04-15-2022 9:03 AM by jonnydoo in Deal Talk
It's always weird that people "wish" bad customer experiences and damaged boxes on others. you are so salty that you care that much ? most people that read these threads are very aware that there's a...
Post #154575622 added 04-15-2022 7:54 AM by Anton9108 in Deal Talk
Ordered a Porsche set on last sale. Kept expectations low after reading all the nightmare experiences. It came in good condition in about 3 weeks.
Post #154575532 added 04-15-2022 7:46 AM by Trdkamuri510 in Deal Talk
I have not bought this yet. Waiting for it to go sub 700 again. That said I've ordered about 7 items from zavvi and out of them I had 1 bad experience. I bought a set of shoes from them that "drop...
Post #154574068 added 04-15-2022 6:43 AM by araposo in Deal Talk
I've ordered multiple times through them and never had any issues thankfully. Only gripe was having to wait a few weeks for delivery a few of the times. I fully believe those that have had problems...
Post #154574035 added 04-15-2022 6:42 AM by Mydiscover in Deal Talk
Wrong. My Tesla performance model Y has gone up from msrp even with 15k miles.
Post #154573960 added 04-15-2022 6:40 AM by craptacular3 in Deal Talk
Enjoy your damaged boxes and terrible customer service!
Post #154573900 added 04-15-2022 6:36 AM by hmmWhat in Deal Talk
Not the case, but you can believe whatever you want.
Post #154573699 added 04-15-2022 6:24 AM by CheapSkateRUs in Deal Talk
What about the trolls pretending they ordered from Zavvi and posted positive comments using multiple accounts? Have you seen those?
Post #154573441 added 04-15-2022 6:12 AM by jonnydoo in Deal Talk
"just as good" = inferior colored bricks.
Post #154573420 added 04-15-2022 6:11 AM by jonnydoo in Deal Talk
explain to me how you know it's a different account but same person. this isn't some conspiracy.
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