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Post #155051071 added 05-11-2022 1:19 PM by MajorMayhem in Deal Talk
Yes, should have typed “blems” not refurbs.
Post #154929478 added 05-04-2022 6:08 PM by Dxcellent in Deal Talk
They only have recon or fact blemished
Post #154928566 added 05-04-2022 5:10 PM by nismos14 in Deal Talk
Recon can come in pretty bad/heavily used condition FYI. I won’t touch the recon stuff anymore.
Right, and according to the confirmation email it says, due to high order volume it could take up to eight business days to processor and ship orders. I haven't read one post where someone's (never...
Post #154924960 added 05-04-2022 1:44 PM by PurpleLeopard596 in Deal Talk
Be careful buying their products. If there are issues, you have to take it to an authorized repair shop (in my case over an hour away).
Post #154924828 added 05-04-2022 1:39 PM by shogunreaper in Deal Talk
well mine hasn't been canceled but i ordered a few things last thursday and they haven't been shipped out yet.
Post #154923994 added 05-04-2022 12:53 PM by HilariousGorilla431 in Deal Talk
Where did you hear a lot of people got broken tools and orders got canceled?
Post #154915129 added 05-04-2022 4:42 AM by ThomasB7897 in Deal Talk
So was 75% of everything they advertised during the 50% off sale last weekend.
Post #154915099 added 05-04-2022 4:38 AM by ThomasB7897 in Deal Talk
Just don't order it delivered. Direct tools dropped the ball during the 50% off sale last weekend. A lot of people had broken tools shipped to them. Others had their orders cancelled, because...
Post #154914919 added 05-04-2022 4:17 AM by MajorMayhem in Deal Talk
Do they still melt RECON deep into the reconditioned tools? I’ll buy their refurbs but not their recons.
Post #154914022 added 05-04-2022 12:52 AM by aerodynamics in Deal Talk
Can the electrostatic sprayer be used for powder coating? I know nothing about it but saw "electrostatic" and that's the first thing that came to mind.
Post #154908097 added 05-03-2022 4:59 PM by odie5533 in Deal Talk
I used the hack and picked up my kit for $74.89 in store a few days ago and it's working great. I've already used the impact driver and flashlight on a small plumbing project. Very happy with the...
Post #154907758 added 05-03-2022 4:41 PM by superslickz in Deal Talk
Well it was alive when I posted that 3 days ago.
Post #154907686 added 05-03-2022 4:37 PM by Jeepermany2k in Deal Talk
I think the free battery gift deal is over
Post #154853008 added 04-30-2022 3:59 PM by superslickz in Deal Talk
For $15 more (once you take into account the $10 shipping of this deal), I would rather get the home depot kit that includes drill, impact driver, 1.5 ah battery, 4ah battery, charger, reciprocating...
Post #154852768 added 04-30-2022 3:39 PM by vo_danh in Deal Talk
Oh yeah but I already got so much ryobi i would hate to have another battery line.
Post #154829458 added 04-29-2022 7:56 AM by Shaeet in Deal Talk
The Ridgid combo was better. Drill & Impact, 2x 2.0ah batteries & charger for $44.99. They sold out for shipping though so only if you can find in-store.
Post #154825348 added 04-29-2022 12:41 AM by vo_danh in Deal Talk
Thats am amazing deal, two batteries, charger, and two drills that will handle plenty. If I didn't already have the impact and the bosch 12v kit i'd grab this.
Post #154823698 added 04-28-2022 9:29 PM by 80is in Deal Talk
not a bad price for pickup
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