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Post #155876671 added 06-25-2022 12:51 PM by BabyBubba in Deal Talk
Anytime anyone thrusts their hand into my wallet, it is by definition personal, and I take it as such. But what goes around comes around. 5G is pretty much the last nail in the coffin for cable...
Post #155874889 added 06-25-2022 11:08 AM by DareCrow in Deal Talk
It is nothing personal, it is just Cartel Economics. It requires cartel to lock down suppliers, usurp market share, and control supply. Duplex copying, duplex scanning, and color laser are only...
Post #154894420 added 05-03-2022 3:00 AM by taser in Deal Talk
Please take good care of that printer. HP printers for the past several years have been the worst of all printers out there. Nothing like the old time.
Post #154893535 added 05-02-2022 11:27 PM by pasatroj in Deal Talk
I still have an HP LaserJetIII from the mid 90's. The thing is a tank. Software can be a prob. but keeping dust out of it and VERY minimal maintenance makes it the best printer I have ever owned. ...
Post #154891522 added 05-02-2022 8:43 PM by perrysemail in Deal Talk
I have had the same brother mono printer since 2003. I haven’t changed anything on it. Just keeps going 🤷🏽
Post #154891006 added 05-02-2022 8:16 PM by MichaelS3355 in Deal Talk
Love my brother laser jet. Would highly recommend
Post #154890430 added 05-02-2022 7:39 PM by bestoftmz in Deal Talk
you must be young. I miss the days of 19 cent gas for Clark Super 100. Clark shot all the way up to 28 cents a gallon for Ethyl. We thought we were getting robbed.
Post #154888969 added 05-02-2022 6:23 PM by TopSpeed510 in Deal Talk
Been waiting for a printer deal.. surprise i didn't get flag when i set alert. Any good printer still avaliable ? Home use, 3 kids constantly printing.. prefer AIO where i can scan and fax when...
Post #154882666 added 05-02-2022 12:59 PM by boosterjm in Deal Talk
Not just for scanning, for printing too. If there is no manual feed tray, you cannot print that way.
Post #154881676 added 05-02-2022 12:16 PM by BabyBubba in Deal Talk
If so, you'll have a Band of Brothers. Seems like they could fix their website, but it's been goofy like that for years.
Post #154880884 added 05-02-2022 11:41 AM by AlanSmithee in Deal Talk
Their website is terrible. I keep getting stuck on 'processing.' It's a clean Chrome install with no add-ons/extensions... Edit... took about a dozen tries, but the order finally went through. Now...
Post #154879513 added 05-02-2022 10:43 AM by rjptl96 in Deal Talk
Was able to nab RMFCL2710DW right now. Yesterday it said "Out of Stock". Thanks OP!
Post #154877833 added 05-02-2022 9:32 AM by BabyBubba in Deal Talk
A couple of the color ones just went live again...thanks!
Post #154876588 added 05-02-2022 8:37 AM by warezdog in Deal Talk
These always go so quick, good find OP!
Post #154874422 added 05-02-2022 5:37 AM by BabyBubba in Deal Talk
This one popped up earlier at a pretty nice price. I'm sure there will be other all-in-ones at similar deals in the future if you want to shop around for the one you prefer. ...
Post #154874383 added 05-02-2022 5:30 AM by Convit161 in Deal Talk
Thank you! So I don't think I need those flagship ones. Just need a AlO which can can scan one side automatically by document feeder. Which one do you recommend?
Post #154874380 added 05-02-2022 5:30 AM by BabyBubba in Deal Talk
I live in a dry climate, and inkjets were robbing me of my sanity and $$$ with constant problems like you described. I switched to lasers 8-10 years ago and the difference is amazing. They're super...
Post #154874323 added 05-02-2022 5:20 AM by nolf66 in Deal Talk
My brother ink jet used up a new set of black and color inks just running the maintenance to keep the jets clear. I mostly use a B&W laser for printing.
Post #154874290 added 05-02-2022 5:15 AM by BabyBubba in Deal Talk
Yes and no...some document feeders will allow scanning of 2-sided originals automatically, and others won't. This feature is model-specific and will require some research. I know that the flagship...
Post #154874194 added 05-02-2022 5:08 AM by Convit161 in Deal Talk
For the AIO with document feeder, does it mean I can put document to document feeder, press a button and the printer scan all of document automatically both sides of paper?
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