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Post #155199154 added 05-19-2022 9:11 PM by NoGagReflex in Hot Deals
Use this in conjunction with daily facials after workout with buds in the morning. Face is smooth like butta.
Post #155195695 added 05-19-2022 5:23 PM by karazi in Hot Deals
this stuff smells like literal ass but if you want cheap witch hazel for utility purposes then this is the stuff to get. to put on your face or other public facing parts, pay up and get a nice...
Post #155192935 added 05-19-2022 2:35 PM by shigro420 in Hot Deals
Slick deal: use this on your bum for hemerhoids. Also, never trust someone who can spell hemerhoids.
Post #155191609 added 05-19-2022 1:26 PM by honest2 in Hot Deals
How does a perfect pore look like?
Post #155189824 added 05-19-2022 11:52 AM by Sunshineandlollipops in Hot Deals
do people just arbitrarily down-vote helpful comments because of stupidity or assholeness?! WTF 🙄
Post #155189653 added 05-19-2022 11:43 AM by lauramce in Hot Deals
What prescription do you use on your rosacea
Post #155047579 added 05-11-2022 10:23 AM by pipskicks2 in Hot Deals
I love witch hazel. I usually mix it 50/50 with aftershave. Helps with razor burn etc,
Post #154976425 added 05-07-2022 7:27 AM by JackFrost101 in Hot Deals
The hydrating version that is also listed does not. Says on the bottle.
Post #154948165 added 05-05-2022 4:34 PM by J.treehorn in Hot Deals
I really enjoy their Ciders
Post #154935934 added 05-05-2022 5:58 AM by jenesaisquoi in Hot Deals
They are handy. I don't rinse them I just wring out the existing liquid from the wipes and replace with witch hazel.
Post #154930909 added 05-04-2022 7:29 PM by amazonsister in Hot Deals
Baby wipes are SO useful for 'whatever' Imho... I just thought I'd suggest using distilled water for the rinsing out part.. tap water tends to get yucky (though the alcohol may arrest that for...
Post #154921099 added 05-04-2022 10:34 AM by Selman in Hot Deals
Thanks, man. That's been my only experience with it in my life, so I was just wondering what other uses people were using it for. Have a good day.
Post #154919482 added 05-04-2022 9:15 AM by jenesaisquoi in Hot Deals
I'm not sure what the difference is between "toner" and "astringent" witch hazel, but they both have 14% alcohol, 86% water and nothing else. Walmart's regular witch hazel is $2.57 if you don't need...
Post #154915765 added 05-04-2022 5:50 AM by marlon71usa in Hot Deals
Black dude here. I’ve tried many things, and Witch Hazel is the only thing that prevents bumps. I have to use immediately after shaving.
Post #154914772 added 05-04-2022 3:48 AM by yangzi in Hot Deals
Oh, I see. The companies add something like vodka (grain alcohol) to preserve the fresh witch hazel extract. (I did some googling.) Looks like Thayer's witch hazel toner has phenoxyethanol as...
Post #154914550 added 05-04-2022 3:08 AM by BennyBuble in Hot Deals
I now use Thayer’s - which is also a Witch Hazel Toner, but it’s alcohol-free. I don’t think the alcohol is from the Witch Hazel - I think it’s an additional ingredient to the Dickinson’s. ...
Post #154913443 added 05-03-2022 10:56 PM by CoralMammoth in Hot Deals
Benefit to using this or other Dickinson’s witch hazel products over generic witch hazel?
Post #154913338 added 05-03-2022 10:44 PM by SeriousLlama437 in Hot Deals
When my son had blackheads removed, the dermatologist recommended using witch hazel after to keep them from turning into white heads. It is also a daily driver for him. We haven’t had issues with it...
Post #154912672 added 05-03-2022 9:35 PM by yangzi in Hot Deals
Since Dickinson's original witch hazel toner is 100% witch hazel plant, I am guessing the alcohol is natually from the plant, not like the company added alcohol to the toner. The rosewater toner says...
Post #154911307 added 05-03-2022 7:51 PM by BennyBuble in Hot Deals
Note that this contains alcohol, which dries out your skin. Some dermatologists say that leads to more acne. I moved away from this toner due to the alcohol and have noticed a difference.
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