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Post #155061658 added 05-12-2022 3:57 AM by dealgirl1016 in Deal Talk
Thank you OP.. got one
Post #155061655 added 05-12-2022 3:56 AM by dealgirl1016 in Deal Talk
I was able to order one today.
Post #155061475 added 05-12-2022 3:19 AM by happygoleechy in Deal Talk
It comes with a wall attachment if you want to secure it that way, but I think it would sway. Laterally there isn't much support
Post #155056174 added 05-11-2022 6:32 PM by bohnrz in Deal Talk
OOS Sad face
Post #155054563 added 05-11-2022 4:46 PM by Firstlast236 in Deal Talk
Dang, out of stock before I could complain about it. Jk. I see this useful for things that need to be aired out. Like bike/skate helmets, other safety sports gear, boxing gloves.
Post #155043874 added 05-11-2022 7:20 AM by nightwisp in Deal Talk
Dimensions (Overall): 25 Inches (H) x 16.13 Inches (W) x 18.9 Inches (D)
Post #155043796 added 05-11-2022 7:15 AM by utcung in Deal Talk
I'm trying to look for the dimensions but couldn't.. anyone can help ??TIA
Post #155043475 added 05-11-2022 6:59 AM by Dsbarry in Deal Talk
In for two (free shipping!) thanks OP! The black metal design means they will probably match in any room of my house, but @MikeC's comment is genius - guest bathroom for organization + visibility
Post #155042674 added 05-11-2022 6:02 AM by sman789 in Deal Talk
Would it be sturdy enough for a 3D printer? The one I have is 18 pounds and it's rated to hold 30. I just wouldn't want it to rock or sway when it's printing.
Post #155036290 added 05-10-2022 5:50 PM by WiseStag348 in Deal Talk
I like it for the kitchen. Maybe put a place mat on the bottom of the first rack and use it for bread, second rack for fruit and third for potatoes and onions. 🤷
Post #155032531 added 05-10-2022 1:39 PM by nightwisp in Deal Talk
Thanks OP - found it for in store pickup not too far from my house. For anyone looking on BrickSeek - DPCI for this is 002-05-3407
Post #155031646 added 05-10-2022 12:45 PM by WillianR in Deal Talk
OOS update it :/
Post #155029003 added 05-10-2022 10:35 AM by kalvo in Deal Talk
out of stock
Post #155027638 added 05-10-2022 9:31 AM by Mike C in Deal Talk
This is perfect for our guest bathroom that has zero built in storage... if a guest needs something, they can see where it is without feeling weird having to open & dig through drawers. Thanks OP,...
Post #155027575 added 05-10-2022 9:27 AM by nero337 in Deal Talk
Dimensions (Overall): 25 Inches (H) x 16.13 Inches (W) x 18.9 Inches (D)
Post #155027464 added 05-10-2022 9:22 AM by doodlesockin in Deal Talk
Post #155027452 added 05-10-2022 9:22 AM by Ariens in Deal Talk
Big no from me, you can see everything because it is wires. Or at least padded drawers so i can fit potatoes and onions etc
Post #155027233 added 05-10-2022 9:11 AM by Adelley in Deal Talk
Well it's called an organizer.. So obviously you eat it.
Post #155025919 added 05-10-2022 8:02 AM by jerzyfam in Deal Talk
So you don't have dressers, cabinets, or any other form of storage in the place you stay? CMON MAN!
Post #155025832 added 05-10-2022 7:57 AM by cravi5 in Deal Talk
I would think it’s more for stuff that would look neat vs junky (not for corded items unless neatly wound up) I think it may have a place in a bathroom… extra toilet paper rolls, extra towels,...
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