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Post #155673880 added 06-14-2022 10:39 AM by uknowsana in Deal Talk
The reviews are bashing the trackpad. Anyone here with their experience?
Post #155616001 added 06-10-2022 11:06 PM by lawchingto in Deal Talk
I just got mine, it says Xe on the box
Post #155587162 added 06-09-2022 2:11 PM by Joelee1991 in Deal Talk
Thankfully not a touch screen so my toddler can’t mess around
Post #155533591 added 06-06-2022 8:28 PM by msrr in Deal Talk
is ram upgradable on this?
Post #155465620 added 06-03-2022 12:17 AM by ady2glude707 in Deal Talk
Did you try calling YOUR warehouse?
Post #155459386 added 06-02-2022 5:12 PM by KetoTonic in Deal Talk
Anyone know if this is available at the warehouse?
Post #155387095 added 05-29-2022 10:00 PM by Nilnalnol in Deal Talk
Saw UHD as well at local Costco.
Post #155361961 added 05-28-2022 7:23 AM by AndrewH4533 in Deal Talk
I purchased this but not yet opened as my wife in unsure of need for a touch screen. I also found this on Costco....
Post #155316133 added 05-25-2022 11:04 PM by TroubleZh in Deal Talk
Checked at the local warehouse, the spec said UHD instead of Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which is true?
Post #155294833 added 05-24-2022 10:56 PM by starpowers in Deal Talk
Trying to decide if to get this Dell Inspiron 13.3 evo or the Hp pavilion Ryzen 7 15.6” for the same price $550
Post #155284957 added 05-24-2022 1:18 PM by gelotin in Deal Talk
Yup matte screen
Post #155214376 added 05-20-2022 3:28 PM by hindjew in Deal Talk
I had switched over the lenovo's since 2010. My last Dell is a 2007 c2d that still runs really decently (granted it's age).
Post #155214346 added 05-20-2022 3:26 PM by CompulsiveBuyer in Deal Talk
Nearly all modern Dell machines won't let you disable Modern Standby in the BIOS. There's a registry setting to do it (it's changed a few times over the course of the past few years - current...
Post #155214280 added 05-20-2022 3:22 PM by hindjew in Deal Talk
What a nightmare! I tend to leave my computer running 24/7 with the lid closed on my desk (docked). I wonder if I can disable modern standby in the bios.
Post #155211397 added 05-20-2022 1:06 PM by CompulsiveBuyer in Deal Talk
Sorry, was rushed for time when I posted. Here's a thread that will bring you up to speed:
Post #155211367 added 05-20-2022 1:04 PM by hindjew in Deal Talk
What's the implication of not having S3 standby? Windows 8 onwards supports modern standby. Thanks
Post #155210767 added 05-20-2022 12:39 PM by CompulsiveBuyer in Deal Talk
Dell's don't support S3 standby, only Modern Standby. Be sure you understand the implication of this before purchasing.
Post #155210665 added 05-20-2022 12:34 PM by hindjew in Deal Talk
Just got around to opening it. It is a matte screen.
Post #155209702 added 05-20-2022 11:53 AM by xcoldricex in Deal Talk
how does it compare to the other dell on costco? i7, SSD+SATA, touchscreen 15"...
Post #155187541 added 05-19-2022 11:10 AM by forsavings in Deal Talk
Is this a matte screen?
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