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Post #155958325 added Yesterday 6:48 AM by tenderidol in Hot Deals
Still sitting at 0 :(
Post #155956858 added Yesterday 4:03 AM by purple in Hot Deals
Same for me. Activated but still does not apply at checkout.
Post #155922019 added 06-28-2022 7:16 AM by h2deal in Hot Deals
10%... $10 max. Better than nothing!
Post #155921878 added 06-28-2022 7:07 AM by cyclops13 in Hot Deals
How soon after the payment you receive the points?
Post #155919598 added 06-28-2022 4:14 AM by Crazybud in Hot Deals
It might work for you. I should've known better. Let us know how it goes for you.
Post #155915116 added 06-27-2022 7:36 PM by tenderidol in Hot Deals
I'm in the same boat. Eligible for the 50% offer and waiting to get some points. The statement hasn't closed but I just used the "pay it" button next to one of the transactions with the hope that it...
Post #155913517 added 06-27-2022 5:58 PM by kensteele in Hot Deals
in other words, after you pay your first statement, you need to keep making payments on schedule. so i've never paid less than the statement balance, my question is if you pay only the minimum...
Post #155913454 added 06-27-2022 5:56 PM by kensteele in Hot Deals
"You earn points for eligible purchases only if we receive timely payment of the minimum amount due on your enrolled Card Account billing statement."
Post #155912764 added 06-27-2022 5:14 PM by dongster81 in Hot Deals
Got 10% max $10 off... anyone know how it's determined what discount one qualifies for?
Post #155904157 added 06-27-2022 9:39 AM by mrbehm in Hot Deals
Yeah, you have to pay your statement to receive AMEX membership rewards points.
Post #155899396 added 06-27-2022 3:44 AM by Crazybud in Hot Deals
I don't have any points as I've just got the Amex card few days ago. The first statement got generated with some purchases but still no points. Do I have to pay before statement date to get points...
Post #155898463 added 06-26-2022 11:45 PM by needgeech in Hot Deals
It actually says "0 points" available for redemption (lol why you spend EVERY one of your points); or rather something else like points are not (or "no Points are") eligible for redemption, etc....
Post #155897383 added 06-26-2022 9:17 PM by needgeech in Hot Deals
Nice, both my accounts finally "refreshed" and both got just got the 40%/$40 max this latest go around
Post #155896651 added 06-26-2022 8:08 PM by kensteele in Hot Deals
sometimes people will spend their entire balance when they last use their points. don't want to leave not even 1 point in the bucket. spend any amount of time on sd and one would know better than...
Post #155896078 added 06-26-2022 7:26 PM by taxking1 in Hot Deals
No go ….
Post #155895997 added 06-26-2022 7:19 PM by mrbehm in Hot Deals
How can you not have a single rewards point on your Amex account?
Post #155894335 added 06-26-2022 4:56 PM by Crazybud in Hot Deals
I got 50% off upto a max discount of $60. Amazing deal for me but unfortunately I don't have any rewards points on account to redeem 😭
Post #155891074 added 06-26-2022 12:35 PM by G1742 in Hot Deals
Only 10%, max 10 dollar discount. Have plat and BBP on my account
Post #155890210 added 06-26-2022 11:32 AM by ultimatewarrior in Hot Deals
Usually I'm not eligible but this time I got 10% and picked up a $100 google play card.
Post #155869255 added 06-24-2022 11:20 PM by ChilllllOut in Hot Deals
10%, the cake is a lie 🎂
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