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Post #155189524 added 05-19-2022 11:38 AM by dvorak51 in Deal Talk
This looks to be the same deal, for $999, though 50off699 doesn't seem to work with it. https://deals.dell.com/en-us/member/productdetail/eduh
Post #155184703 added 05-19-2022 7:55 AM by Nerdimus in Deal Talk
It's expired now.
Post #155167708 added 05-18-2022 9:41 AM by MartmeisterDealz in Deal Talk
This I would consider a great setup for something looking to get into gaming to test out the waters. This does have a MUX switch in the BIOS or you can connect it to the HDMI for best...
Post #155143984 added 05-17-2022 4:41 AM by metnix1 in Deal Talk
Pm me the blocked url please.... Not sure which one you're talking about. Lol I was on the fence, but at $860 I would definitely do this
Post #155133586 added 05-16-2022 1:45 PM by jalansk0 in Deal Talk
Capital One 12% and dell email 10% wouldn’t work together for me, but with the coupons that do work plus the cash back available made me pull the trigger
Post #155127853 added 05-16-2022 8:30 AM by Rosas661 in Deal Talk
get an extra 10% by signing up for Dells email thingy google search it , and add amex’s $120 off $600, plus urlhasbeenblocked , and i’m paying $860 for this after all discounts and cash back
Post #155126365 added 05-16-2022 7:00 AM by stevenvan1986 in Deal Talk
You’re paying a $225 premium for a 360hz screen and a worse 11th gen processor vs the $899 acer 5800h 3060 @ microcenter.
Post #155115121 added 05-15-2022 11:31 AM by Nexevel in Deal Talk
Never tried
Post #155110297 added 05-15-2022 3:59 AM by titchener in Deal Talk
I think this is a great deal if you can combine this with the Amex offer, Capitol One offer, Chase offer, or any of the current cashback deals. Agree about the above points on the Legion laptops but...
Post #155109940 added 05-15-2022 1:52 AM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
Pure gaming performance wise, this one will perform better due to having slightly higher wattage Graphics card (Up to 125W on this vs Up to 100W on Slim 7). Another advantage is you can upgrade both...
Post #155106943 added 05-14-2022 5:46 PM by cavboygt in Deal Talk
Got one 4months ago. First month laptop died won't turn on, I need to open it and disconnect the battery from the motherboard and everything is ok. I still called dell support explained the problem,...
Post #155106103 added 05-14-2022 4:29 PM by grunyan in Deal Talk
How does this own compare? Looking to get something that can run UE5 decently. ...
Post #155104975 added 05-14-2022 2:40 PM by Envycell in Deal Talk
If you're looking for a PC for just streaming tv or sports. Any Chromebook would do that for 1/4 of the price.
Post #155104834 added 05-14-2022 2:29 PM by Suryasis in Deal Talk
It doesn't support Power Delivery Charging.
Post #155104186 added 05-14-2022 1:37 PM by 89turboii in Deal Talk
Ain't got no gas in it
Post #155103541 added 05-14-2022 12:41 PM by phairest in Deal Talk
Wondering same, as well as how responsive the screen is if anyone knows?
Post #155102902 added 05-14-2022 11:45 AM by aozair in Deal Talk
Good laptop. After about a month of owning it I started not being able to join any multiplayer games via steam for Total War Rome II. Made it useless for me as thats the only game I play. Couldnt...
Post #155102830 added 05-14-2022 11:40 AM by stoned.monkey in Deal Talk
What's the point of a 360hz panel with a 3060? That's an awful pairing. Get the legion, much better value.
Post #155102818 added 05-14-2022 11:39 AM by revaaron in Deal Talk
My Dell XPS 9550 has been the bane of my existence since the day I got it. Terrible thunderbolt/type-c support It can't keep up with audio and has know latency issues for no reason. USB...
Post #155102197 added 05-14-2022 10:54 AM by falcoxx in Deal Talk
Any chance this charges via usb c pd?
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