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Post #155236120 added 05-21-2022 8:51 PM by Black Knight in Deal Talk
Was holding on this for a few weeks and finally came to pull the trigger and saw this has expired. Anyone have any recommendations for other good places that may offer this and have the installation...
Post #155111374 added 05-15-2022 6:30 AM by N11 in Deal Talk
Tell her it is a price error deal.
Post #155110930 added 05-15-2022 5:34 AM by lSupaflyl in Deal Talk
They were being sarcastic since someone else had mentioned not being able to put speakers behind a projector screen.
Post #155108971 added 05-14-2022 9:55 PM by mushu315 in Deal Talk
just leave the wife, then you don't have to convince her to do anything
Post #155108875 added 05-14-2022 9:38 PM by Mundabiker in Deal Talk
I paid 4500 on Amazon 2 month ago, I wish I could return it and buy for a cheaper price
Post #155107825 added 05-14-2022 7:30 PM by Stocktradernoob in Deal Talk
The L9 is the next-gen model with three lasers, “TriChrome”, which has richer colors bc a laser each for of RGB, instead of a laser plus a color filter. Or something like that. If I had had more...
Post #155107720 added 05-14-2022 7:14 PM by Stocktradernoob in Deal Talk
Depending on where the speaker is, you should be fine. Basically the rim is close to flush but the interior of the back side is empty. Imagine a three-inch thick rectangle with a screen held taut on...
Post #155105326 added 05-14-2022 3:14 PM by berkishberk in Deal Talk
I know it's not really comparable because of short throw vs long throw, but the L9G vs the Epson LS11000. Similar prices... how long until we see a sale on the LS11000 (usually, for epson projectors,...
Post #155104951 added 05-14-2022 2:38 PM by Clutchm3 in Deal Talk
Which one do you own? So you ended up keeping the projector regardless hating it?
Post #155102935 added 05-14-2022 11:47 AM by mikebpi in Deal Talk
It is because laser UST projectors are highly underrated and people on Slickdeals appreciate hands-on experience.
Post #155102917 added 05-14-2022 11:45 AM by mikebpi in Deal Talk
It actually has everything to do with picture quality. No it isn’t up to OLED standards, but the pure screen size difference far outweighs the PQ difference.
Post #155102854 added 05-14-2022 11:41 AM by doskoooo in Deal Talk
I hear AMC theaters are converting to laser projectors
Post #155101969 added 05-14-2022 10:33 AM by Jamesq in Deal Talk
I thought movie theater screens had holes in them, different type of screen that the sound can pass through. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/inner-workings-inside-movie-theater-screen
Post #155101897 added 05-14-2022 10:29 AM by StreetJedi in Deal Talk
When the Dolby vision firmware comes out this will be a better projector There are better ones now however. Xiomi c2 and fengmi t1 come to mind. Much better black performance
Post #155101237 added 05-14-2022 9:41 AM by doskoooo in Deal Talk
I got the L5 series approx a year ago when on sale and I absolutely love it- once it’s setup. It’s a huge improvement vs hanging a projector 10ft. away. Had to warranty it for a stuck pixel in the...
Pretty sure it's the same guy in every projector post. He's somehow surprised/impressed that his guests are initially captivated by a 120" screen that most people never see in a home vs. a 77" tv...
Post #155099587 added 05-14-2022 7:31 AM by JollyJuice3134 in Deal Talk
What’s the diff between L5 vs L9?
Post #155099347 added 05-14-2022 7:15 AM by iceage2007 in Deal Talk
I would put 4 of these $750 together to make it 150" screen!
Post #155098915 added 05-14-2022 6:44 AM by lickwid in Deal Talk
There is a good a good YT channel that compares a bunch of these. Chris Majestic. I believe both the 5 and 9 series do well for their particular class. https://youtu.be/kNI4pBYGPj8
Can anyone provide insight on what the difference between the two options are? L5 versus L9?
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