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Post #155178781 added 05-18-2022 8:23 PM by Pwc2102 in Deal Talk
Back in stock, it seems!
Post #155124664 added 05-16-2022 3:36 AM by NervousStranger836 in Deal Talk
We have great prices. Apparently, it varies by store. I was able to find only the 12.5" Bunny Girl Plush.
Post #155115295 added 05-15-2022 11:46 AM by gabe23111 in Deal Talk
Thanks OP!
Post #155111995 added 05-15-2022 7:23 AM by gargh16 in Deal Talk
Zip code?
Post #155110609 added 05-15-2022 4:55 AM by willstwins2 in Deal Talk
Just ordered---Thanks!
Post #155108860 added 05-14-2022 9:36 PM by RedElmo in Deal Talk
All sold out
Post #155104201 added 05-14-2022 1:38 PM by kea2525 in Deal Talk
Sadly sold out by me. Guess I’m hitting the thrift store again.
Thx grabbed one of each for my dog
Post #155101990 added 05-14-2022 10:34 AM by coppercurl in Deal Talk
Good idea! Just double check if they take hand delivered items, because many are only taking deliveries directly from stores for children's items.
Post #155101615 added 05-14-2022 10:05 AM by ChiliPepper101 in Deal Talk
Great deal for adorable stuffed animals! We plan to make gift bags including them and other items to donate to a local children's hospital.
Post #155101222 added 05-14-2022 9:40 AM by kea2525 in Deal Talk
that’s what I do
Post #155099314 added 05-14-2022 7:14 AM by scdiamond in Deal Talk
thinking of buying a ton to donate lots of inventory here in east coast
Post #155099278 added 05-14-2022 7:11 AM by coppercurl in Deal Talk
Picked up the max (free delivery) to be sent to Ukraine. 48 toys for around 40 dollars delivered right to the Nova Poshta humanitarian aid collection address!
Post #155098207 added 05-14-2022 5:18 AM by yxliang2 in Deal Talk
Not available for me
Post #155098006 added 05-14-2022 4:54 AM by papa_trotter in Deal Talk
None anywhere near me. (North of Indianapolis)
Post #155097805 added 05-14-2022 4:22 AM by zerinsmom in Deal Talk
Thanks got one for daughter and one for son. Good deal with the free shipping.
Post #155097055 added 05-14-2022 12:31 AM by KyleK6983 in Deal Talk
yup for about 3 minutes
Post #155096761 added 05-13-2022 11:22 PM by Mindzb in Deal Talk
Cute toys - bought a second set as backup birthday party presents. Bunny boy is already OOS.
Post #155096332 added 05-13-2022 10:01 PM by Shockwav3 in Deal Talk
Can my dog play with this
Post #155095933 added 05-13-2022 9:15 PM by pinkopener in Deal Talk
Nice- FS with Walmart+
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