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Post #155413024 added 05-31-2022 11:55 AM by BostonMarket in Deal Talk
Haha. Donuts have been my plan regardless.
Post #155317723 added 05-26-2022 2:41 AM by PowerfulStag5557 in Deal Talk
Son went. Huge lines. Delicious hot fresh donuts. 🍩
Post #155308633 added 05-25-2022 2:09 PM by FreddyJoe in Deal Talk
You can skip graduation and go directly to donuts.
Post #155306935 added 05-25-2022 12:43 PM by KABUKI-POSH in Deal Talk
Thanks for sharing My goal with posting deals is to help parents save money, when buying items for their kiddos Children appreciate the things you get them, even if they only cost $1 I to this...
Post #155306530 added 05-25-2022 12:20 PM by pinkblack in Deal Talk
They had a lot of boxes ready to go at the drive-through window. I saw a couple of kids walking out empty handed, they then told 2 other cars with kids about something, then I saw at least one of the...
Post #155304418 added 05-25-2022 10:50 AM by Ozzie4 in Deal Talk
Walked in, was told "sorry sir, you have to be the graduate" and showed them my recent Masters paperwork and got told "oh, YOU graduated? sorry!" and got a box. Security outside of the place...
Post #155304247 added 05-25-2022 10:42 AM by Ricepig in Deal Talk
Working at a HS, it was hysterical seeing all these Krispe Kreme donuts boxes going around and students literally giving away donuts. I guess they over estimated a dozen donuts.
Post #155302357 added 05-25-2022 9:12 AM by ffj in Deal Talk
my kid just got their cap and gown so we swung by while running errands. Kids are walking in with their graduation caps/hats and picking up a yummy box. *licks sugar off fingers*
Post #155302048 added 05-25-2022 9:00 AM by chukfucius in Deal Talk
They are for kids, not for you! haha
Post #155301898 added 05-25-2022 8:53 AM by chukfucius in Deal Talk
Why don't they offer to a graduating 5th graders.
Post #155301856 added 05-25-2022 8:51 AM by 6speedlt1 in Deal Talk
Last year I took my senior but they were out of donuts
Post #155300308 added 05-25-2022 7:37 AM by TriggrHppyTiggr in Deal Talk
Get a head start on that freshmen 15
Post #155300023 added 05-25-2022 7:23 AM by ratbastard in Deal Talk
Gotta get HS seniors started on the freshman 15 before they start classes... I remember one of these opening up when I was in college and we would get the free donut standing in line then go to...
Post #155298133 added 05-25-2022 5:46 AM by ScarletRecess527 in Deal Talk
Can it be a tassel that said a 2022 or does it have to be full on cap and gown that said that?
Post #155297158 added 05-25-2022 4:06 AM by shahhere in Deal Talk
Lol what a useless comment; as long a the title is clear it a valid post and there is term for things like this, YMMV... So things like existing customer deals shouldn't be posted, deals for...
Post #155290612 added 05-24-2022 5:28 PM by CoolPartner515 in Deal Talk
Krispy Kreme said they need to show proof of the student ID along with accessories.
Post #155268817 added 05-23-2022 5:23 PM by KABUKI-POSH in Deal Talk
I try to be as helpful as possible But I don’t agree with you. How is this exclusive? I myself am a student and often post deals specifically for students Cause, well there is all sorts of SD...
Post #155265097 added 05-23-2022 2:26 PM by MellowAction462 in Deal Talk
Super-exclusive deals like this shouldn't be posted on the site, or we should have a filter to hide them.
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