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Post #156820453 added 08-07-2022 6:02 AM by brotherauron in Hot Deals
This set is trash, I only pulled $35 in the whole box I cracked
Post #155609983 added 06-10-2022 3:21 PM by swiggyswag in Hot Deals
I have to say, with all the cards coming out so fast and just the overall state of MTG, I've really become burned out. Opened a set booster for this set, then was working on a commander deck and was...
Post #155604982 added 06-10-2022 10:52 AM by twofacepks in Hot Deals
I had a good time opening a set booster. I ended up getting majority of the dragons and a vamperic tutor and other high value list pulls. Since I have a dragon commander deck.. I def loved opening...
Post #155604052 added 06-10-2022 10:05 AM by HilariousBanana284 in Hot Deals
Do not buy. It only has 18 packs instead of the normal 24 packs. The List has a lot of commons and uncommons. The previous set, New Capenna, had no common/uncommon in The List. Power level of...
Post #155588506 added 06-09-2022 2:25 PM by BeautifulStar162 in Hot Deals
This set has had some of the fastest price decreases in recent memory. Apparently WotC supplied the first and second waves together, and that combined with a very, very soft reception of the power...
Post #155588380 added 06-09-2022 2:18 PM by JodouKast in Hot Deals
Same can be said for the state of the game: poor value, less product. Honestly they need a day of reckoning because they’re driving the ship into the ground just for profits. They’re unfit to carry...
Post #155588098 added 06-09-2022 2:03 PM by lunatech in Hot Deals
I'm going to echo the person above me. Draft was a lot of fun, mythic dragons hold some value, but the set doesn't have a lot else going for it.
Post #155587696 added 06-09-2022 1:42 PM by Corrosive in Hot Deals
I haven't been impressed by this sets overall value. Great draft experience though. I drafted 2 at the prerelease last weekend and it was a blast. Got a copper elder dragon and probably won't open...
Post #155587126 added 06-09-2022 1:08 PM by chaofun in Hot Deals
flipsidegaming via eBay has Magic: The Gathering Commander Legends Battle for Baldur's Gate Set Booster Box: 18 Booster Packs for $93.19. Shipping is Free cataclysmcollectables via eBay has...

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