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Post #155932441 added 06-28-2022 4:19 PM by ITNdesigns in Hot Deals
Bullets can easily go through Crocs 😂. Question, free returns over mail? nevermind. it's not free returns If you use the Return Label included with your original order, a return shipping fee...
Post #155899948 added 06-27-2022 5:19 AM by DemanoRock in Hot Deals
Love mine, they are more secure on your feet than Crocs. The back heel keeps it on your foot and it won't just fall off. I first had a green/camo pair but gave them to my son when I found these at...
Post #155889157 added 06-26-2022 10:11 AM by john9 in Hot Deals
Do they float?
Post #155874610 added 06-25-2022 9:52 AM by antnee in Hot Deals
Still could have made a color combination like others have said it looks like a clown threw up lol.
Post #155874514 added 06-25-2022 9:47 AM by laidbacklarkin in Hot Deals
That could be but they have also thrown their weight into pandering to the volume market with less than reliable rubbish that rides on the strength of the brand name. Bought a pair of walking shoes,...
Post #155874466 added 06-25-2022 9:44 AM by laidbacklarkin in Hot Deals
It’s Pride month.
Post #155857960 added 06-24-2022 11:01 AM by DavidS2011 in Hot Deals
*~running up that hill* ~
Post #155855320 added 06-24-2022 8:41 AM by ncsujen in Hot Deals
Good lord these look like Vecna’s feet
Post #155854588 added 06-24-2022 8:06 AM by mctron in Hot Deals
Only the usual blowout sale sizes left (11, 13 and such)
Post #155846593 added 06-23-2022 7:24 PM by MerryEducation896 in Hot Deals
I bought a pair about a year ago but had to return them because the rubbing on the back of my ankle. Would definitely recommend trying them out though because I loved everything else about them!
Post #155846134 added 06-23-2022 6:53 PM by Irons82 in Hot Deals
I've been wearing Crocs before it was cool. I saw these HydroMoc at DSW and the quality is head and shoulder above any pair Crocs I have owned.
Post #155845756 added 06-23-2022 6:32 PM by qning in Hot Deals
I’m trying to understand this. I get it, merrel is an established shoe brand, but I’d say they’ve been less-than-stellar over the past 10 years or more. Crocs are bullet proof. Like, drive over them...
Post #155843380 added 06-23-2022 4:01 PM by DavidS2011 in Hot Deals
Missed out on my size but got my gf a pair
Post #155843182 added 06-23-2022 3:47 PM by 5150time in Hot Deals
I just want to chime in and say that these great to have along hiking. I may look silly but I have no shame always having a pair strapped to my pack for stream crossings or if i have a shoe failure...
Post #155842522 added 06-23-2022 3:10 PM by fajnyruben in Hot Deals
Good deal on the hydromocs - agreed the design can be polarizing, but I find them great for campsites. Always a conversation starter. If you are looking for a more traditional look, check joybees at...
Post #155842399 added 06-23-2022 3:06 PM by PocketsThick in Hot Deals
I was thinking: "These are Bob Ross approved". As colorful as the paint palette he would hold in his hands.
Post #155842162 added 06-23-2022 2:52 PM by pfujitsu in Hot Deals
Just the shoes I need to be wearing to get some inspiration to start painting (like Picasso)
Post #155842153 added 06-23-2022 2:52 PM by glegeza in Hot Deals
Yeah, this style of shoe is actually awesome for kayaking. I have some cheapo knockoff from BJ's that I use in our kayak and canoe and it's great for that purpose. Color doesn't really matter in that...
Post #155841931 added 06-23-2022 2:36 PM by bigtrousers in Hot Deals
An exciting assortment of new colors including Clown Vomit
Post #155837866 added 06-23-2022 10:47 AM by abdelnoesta in Hot Deals
These are an upgrade if you had crocs. Very comfortable, and easy to put on. I recommend them
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