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Post #156244114 added 07-12-2022 9:37 PM by dekoy08 in Deal Talk
Yes. That was the first thing I casted. Worked great. Any other streaming app - Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max did not work, however. The sound was coming through and captions but the actual content wasnt...
Post #156215563 added 07-12-2022 10:38 AM by mikeydread in Deal Talk
Are you able to cast to the projector from your phone? I have a galaxy phone and when I try to cast YouTube this projector does not show up in the list of available devices.
Post #156127783 added 07-08-2022 10:07 PM by joshua28 in Deal Talk
Any new codes? This one is expired.
Post #156127423 added 07-08-2022 9:32 PM by rly723 in Deal Talk
Interesting, it powers a 4K fire stick, haven’t tried chromcast
Post #156127369 added 07-08-2022 9:22 PM by dekoy08 in Deal Talk
How did you power the Chromecast? The USB port isn't giving enough energy to power mine. I'm gonna have to connect it to a power bank
Post #156127318 added 07-08-2022 9:17 PM by dekoy08 in Deal Talk
Huh? Yes it does. I just got it today. Literally, setting it up right now and it does have speakers.
Post #156115540 added 07-08-2022 9:52 AM by SiennaFog2816 in Deal Talk
This model does not have built in speakers
Post #156096865 added 07-07-2022 11:10 AM by uncledunkel in Deal Talk
How far away does the projector need to be for 120"? How high up compared to where the top of the screen would be?
Post #156065122 added 07-05-2022 9:45 PM by iBuyJunkThanks in Deal Talk
People who are staying this is useless even in a light controlled room either haven't tried it or are being disingenuous. This was a month or so ago, but this roughly 120" on a textured wall. ...
Post #156053101 added 07-05-2022 11:03 AM by ThriftyCrow637 in Deal Talk
Yeah, I just bought it and they created a shipment and now it shows they canceled it. Reporting it to paypal
Post #156024664 added 07-03-2022 5:54 PM by JimC12 in Deal Talk
I could not get this to cast. UI is very basic. Ended up connecting a Chromecast. More or less a toy... Don't take it seriously.
Post #156018538 added 07-03-2022 10:17 AM by TalentedShow522 in Deal Talk
Bought for my bedroom to unwind with a movie or TV show AT NIGHT, and for $65 I'm 100% satisfied with it for my use case. It's clear and sharp, plenty bright for nighttime use (DON'T bother during...
Post #156008518 added 07-02-2022 7:23 PM by tracebustayo in Deal Talk
I was one of the people that bought this when it went on sale for this price about a few weeks ago. I knew it would be 50/50 but I am satisfied with it. Here's what you NEED to know: No Keystone,...
Post #156006718 added 07-02-2022 5:01 PM by Tedusmc2009 in Deal Talk
I have this and HD39HDR, this one this for outdoor beater. This cheap protector is fine for dark environments, of course can’t compared to my 800dollar projector.
Post #156006097 added 07-02-2022 4:07 PM by lekhak in Deal Talk
Paypal email receipt shows: You sent a payment of $65.00 USD to Hongkong Orange Juice Energy Technology Co.,Limited ([email protected]) So not sure if I ordered a projector or Orange Juice. ;)
Post #155990845 added 07-01-2022 6:07 PM by Slayer.I.Am in Deal Talk
Got it for the bedroom. It’s amazing for me. Nice resolution and good brightness for night movies.
Post #155990341 added 07-01-2022 5:36 PM by rly723 in Deal Talk
Damn bought same price without screen, till solid projector
Post #155989012 added 07-01-2022 4:10 PM by Prathits012 in Deal Talk
Beware of their shitty return policy. Because this item is a sale item it explicitly says you must pay for your own shipping even when it had a quality issue, and theres a 10 percent restocking fee....
Post #155985001 added 07-01-2022 12:24 PM by maharshik in Deal Talk
It's a junk, Stay away from this. Bought it couple of weeks ago. It's dim, even in a dark basement. You can't even see the real colors even if you sit 2 feet from the screen. Do not get fooled by the...
Post #155975722 added 07-01-2022 3:40 AM by kaze0 in Deal Talk
Bought it for $65 without the screen. It's dim. unbearably dim, even in a light controlled environment the brightness can't compare to my optoma dv10 2005 project that hasn't had it's bulb...
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