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Post #156169387 added 07-11-2022 9:35 AM by EricJ3237 in Deal Talk
Yes, it is dead now
Post #156159571 added 07-10-2022 10:57 PM by adityatetali in Deal Talk
No discount even when curbside pickup option is selected.
Post #156104239 added 07-07-2022 6:32 PM by John3:16 in Deal Talk
Thank you for the reminder...brought in 10 cartridges when I picked up my order.
Post #156098224 added 07-07-2022 12:23 PM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
You'll get $2 for each one, so if you recycle 5, you'd get $10 in rewards. Max is 10 carts per month. Worth it if you get stuff at OD now and then given the rewards are valid for 90 days or so.
Post #156094618 added 07-07-2022 9:17 AM by teaberry in Deal Talk
If i have less than 10 ink carts, is it still worth it to do the recycle deal?
Post #156094543 added 07-07-2022 9:13 AM by Windytrader in Deal Talk
I've never used this so can't speak to quality. Price per sheet is $0.0012318305. If 2 sheets of this is comparable to 1 sheet of ultra, then it's a great deal. If you use 2 sheets of ultra and can...
Post #156090517 added 07-07-2022 5:10 AM by joesdiner in Deal Talk
In for 5 thanks OP, great find!
Post #156082804 added 07-06-2022 4:37 PM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
Always a better deal to order online as you get Cashback via SD or other CB sites, not to mention, your order is waiting for you, no standing in line to check out, etc.
Post #156048925 added 07-05-2022 7:52 AM by lugs000 in Deal Talk
I placed the order online with in-store pickup, but realized they had a couple pallets of the paper towels right when I walked in marked as $5 without the need to place the order online.
Post #156031756 added 07-04-2022 7:59 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
Buying any two of these ($10 spend) will qualify you to earn $20 in Office Depot rewards by recycling ten ink cartridges. When you go to the store to pick them up, just recycle ten at cashier...
Post #156031711 added 07-04-2022 7:56 AM by SUCHaDEAL in Deal Talk
It's $5, an extra $3 savings comes off at checkout with instore pick up option.
Post #156031693 added 07-04-2022 7:55 AM by cowbe0x004 in Deal Talk
add to cart and pick up in store will show you the reduced price.
Post #156031639 added 07-04-2022 7:51 AM by eegorr in Deal Talk
I'm seeing $8 for the paper towels now. Never mind, the price doesn't drop in the cart until you select "Store and Curbside Pickup".
Post #156031003 added 07-04-2022 7:11 AM by SonicTron in Deal Talk
I once bought a big ol 30 pack or so of this. Once. Do not buy this
Post #156030502 added 07-04-2022 6:33 AM by Roquefart in Deal Talk
Presumably "Essentials" is in no way comparable to the beloved Charmin Ultra-Strong. Maybe someone who has used both products can chime in. I'm hesitant to try even one pack of a potentially inferior...
Post #156029776 added 07-04-2022 5:22 AM by NeoPaxSinica in Deal Talk
10% off Office Depot/Office Max offer on Chase/BoA $8 max discount YMMV
Post #156029410 added 07-04-2022 4:27 AM by Salty85 in Deal Talk
Price per square foot targets 12 double roll normal price for bounty essentials is a better deal. Not including their spend 50 get 15 promo.
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