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Post #156042040 added 07-04-2022 6:39 PM by lilgrubbybaby in Deal Talk
It actually does affect me— in the sense that I want folks to wear masks lol. Please buy these people!
Post #156040882 added 07-04-2022 5:14 PM by TuggSpeedman in Deal Talk
Yup :lmao: Thumbs down: this is not a good product.
Post #156040210 added 07-04-2022 4:18 PM by araczynski in Deal Talk
What the F hasn’t been review compensated on Amazon??
Post #156039940 added 07-04-2022 3:57 PM by ProfessorChaos in Deal Talk
For yourself and family, try to get KN95 or N95 masks that will protect the wearer.
Post #156039928 added 07-04-2022 3:55 PM by ProfessorChaos in Deal Talk
Post #156039847 added 07-04-2022 3:48 PM by MKR800 in Deal Talk
Worth trying 😊
Post #156039691 added 07-04-2022 3:36 PM by SAtaNiCpAnIc in Deal Talk
Shhh, don't upset the cult of fauci.
Post #156039673 added 07-04-2022 3:34 PM by KnowsItToBeTrue in Deal Talk
You are an example of why the human race is doomed.
Post #156039562 added 07-04-2022 3:24 PM by couchy in Deal Talk
These things are about as effective as scattering garlic salt to keep vampires away.
Post #156038842 added 07-04-2022 2:29 PM by OrangeScent1992 in Deal Talk
Imagine missing a chromosome…oh wait you don’t have to
Post #156038011 added 07-04-2022 1:24 PM by warmachinev3 in Deal Talk
While the price is enticing the reviews are piss poor. Be sure to check out the pictures because the quality seems inconsistent. Would be really nice to restock on different color masks but too many...
Post #156037984 added 07-04-2022 1:22 PM by MaroonKnob3158 in Deal Talk
Still need masks for doctors appointments. Only have a few left, so think I will grab a pack.
Post #156037237 added 07-04-2022 12:35 PM by alpinewhite10 in Deal Talk
I recently got covid and its not funny. I was sick for two weeks and had much worse symptoms than flu. Wear a damn mask. Covid is still a thing.
Post #156037138 added 07-04-2022 12:30 PM by MaroonScent2767 in Deal Talk
If you're bothered by others wearing a mask that doesn't even affect you, you should reevaluate your life. I would never criticize someone's choice to take preventive measures to stay safe.
Post #156035605 added 07-04-2022 11:03 AM by Zakark in Deal Talk
Definitely a good deal. My family goes through them like crazy. Especially black ones.
Post #156034573 added 07-04-2022 10:14 AM by freestylexgp in Deal Talk
Imagine wearing masks in 2022.
Post #156032413 added 07-04-2022 8:37 AM by BenedictDonald in Deal Talk
Read the reviews, apparently they were paid for a review.
Post #156031738 added 07-04-2022 7:58 AM by Navy-Wife in Deal Talk
SOUL PLUS via Amazon has 100-Pack Soul Plus 3-Ply Single Use Disposable Face Masks (Black) for $2.99. Shipping is free w/ Prime or on orders $25+.

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