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Post #158552632 added 10-27-2022 9:48 PM by Kttman in Deal Talk
This deal seems to be back until 10/31/22... But why is this computer so much less $? What am I missing?...
Post #157386055 added 09-03-2022 9:44 PM by iwheela in Deal Talk
There are better deals on 17" laptops. What you are buying with this laptop is the light weight. It is stupid light to the point it doesn't feel like a real laptop. Plus it has a nice screen,...
Post #157385806 added 09-03-2022 9:22 PM by AgentDCooper in Deal Talk
Is this still one of the better deals for a non gaming higher end 17"?
Post #157246420 added 08-27-2022 1:45 PM by heelfan108 in Deal Talk
Sadly only $200 off the 32gb model
Post #157165846 added 08-23-2022 5:22 PM by hiredgun in Deal Talk
The matte screen is definately less vibrant and gives the appearance of not being as bright
Post #157145527 added 08-22-2022 7:25 PM by DngH in Deal Talk
saved 10$ pick up in store GG, CA
Post #157138219 added 08-22-2022 1:04 PM by bikerbandito in Deal Talk
Just got back from trying it out at the Costco. Phenominal laptop in every way (screen, webcam, speed, etc.), but.....the trackpad placement killed it. At first I thought it was mental...
Post #157023415 added 08-16-2022 1:35 PM by Passions in Deal Talk
If you need more than 32GB, these thin and light laptops are probably not ideal. You probably want a Macbook Pro or Dell XPS.
Post #157021759 added 08-16-2022 12:23 PM by m3coup in Deal Talk
The keyboard was so awkward that I was always typing the wrong keys otherwise an awesome laptop. That keyboard design really was the ultimate deal breaker.
Post #157021390 added 08-16-2022 12:02 PM by stiladam in Deal Talk
Same here. I've had mine about a week as well. No throttle, fan or heat issues that I'm aware of, but I'm def not a power user, just doing business tasks; Chrome, Office apps, YouTube, etc. all good....
Post #157011754 added 08-16-2022 4:08 AM by JA9791 in Deal Talk
The 32gb back on sale also for people looking for it: ...
Post #157001380 added 08-15-2022 2:17 PM by bikerbandito in Deal Talk
I'd like to know this too. I've had 'powerful' laptops and tablets throttle so bad that I can't even have a non-choppy video call without being in an 68 deg airconditioned room.
Here are the results of the Cinebench R23 test for the Gram 17 1240P which I just got off BuyDig: Multi core: 4818 pts Single core: 1187 pts If someone could post the results of the same...
Post #156980080 added 08-14-2022 2:24 PM by tmpqweasd in Deal Talk
Not sure what exactly this might be related to but I've had mine for a week or so and the fan barely comes on. I'm not maxing the cpu or anything (just doing normal office work mostly) but it has...
Post #156978457 added 08-14-2022 1:07 PM by Kendo in Deal Talk
Only thing I can't stand is the fans constantly going off. This didn't happen on the 16" model.
Post #156966481 added 08-13-2022 7:17 PM by gillamonstar in Deal Talk
So I caved. Went to look last weekend, ended up going back today to get one. First impressions are good. display is really nice. Speed is adequate for what I'm doing.. I was concerned jumping from...
Post #156923026 added 08-11-2022 5:35 PM by aerischan in Deal Talk
16GB all soldered (already in dual channel mode, I believe). No RAM slot at all.
Post #156922441 added 08-11-2022 5:00 PM by pepisito in Deal Talk
So the 2020 version got 2 8gb and only 1 8gb solder to MB. The other 8gb is on SoDIMM socket and one can easily replace it. Is the the current one works the same or it only offers one 16gb SoDIMM...
Post #156919798 added 08-11-2022 2:53 PM by lesterhung in Deal Talk
but does it thermal throttle? What I found with all these high spec laptop is they all thermal throttle if not in a huge chassis. If they thermal throttle, then an expensive high end CPU is the same...
Post #156906316 added 08-11-2022 2:57 AM by EdMcK515 in Deal Talk
This is the best trackpad I’ve used on a PC. Huge and very responsive. I still think MacBooks have the edge on their trackpads, but this is close.
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