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Post #156872458 added 08-09-2022 3:00 PM by JNKCMD in Deal Talk
Chewy deal is dead. Showing $20.90 now. But in for 1 from Amazon.
Post #156848512 added 08-08-2022 5:30 PM by Michelle_my_belle in Deal Talk
My pup was struggling with this one, he keeps accidently locking the slots. I may break the locks off so he can use it as a level 2 puzzle.
Post #156835759 added 08-08-2022 4:46 AM by x3000gtx in Deal Talk
My healer just attacked it and got it to open within seconds. Funny there’s a heeler on the cover acting all proper opening it.
Post #156814936 added 08-06-2022 5:23 PM by wilsonzhang in Deal Talk
My dog figured this out in 5 minutes that she just need to shake the whole puzzle and those pieces open without pulling the white pieces
Post #156812887 added 08-06-2022 3:17 PM by Bshane411 in Deal Talk
Can you provide the names for these because your links give me errors and will not open. Thanks
Post #156808531 added 08-06-2022 10:49 AM by Masamushia in Deal Talk
I found most of those but I completely missed the dog bowl! Thank you so much!
Post #156807979 added 08-06-2022 10:17 AM by PowerfulWallaby8963 in Deal Talk
Thanks for posting!! My pup LOVES these things! Will sit by it and make noises until we make one up for him!!
Post #156805963 added 08-06-2022 8:24 AM by thumper300zx in Deal Talk
This bowl has been fantastic for our dog. He ate way too fast, and it's almost like he loves eating slower.
Post #156803503 added 08-06-2022 5:20 AM by CVGtoSRQtoIND in Deal Talk
My dogs just brute forced this thing. Would not recommend for Cane Corso or Boxer owners 😅
Post #156794278 added 08-05-2022 2:42 PM by AquaCalendar714 in Deal Talk
My dog figured out that she can just pull off the little white doors to get to the food. But it takes 10 or 20 minutes for her to get all of them off and they go back on easily, so still a good toy.
Post #156794146 added 08-05-2022 2:37 PM by zedteamk2 in Deal Talk
I got one similar to this on a previous deal. I’m very happy with it at this price. My Malinois seems to enjoy it a lot :)
Post #156793672 added 08-05-2022 2:13 PM by gowensby1 in Deal Talk
Still alive. Just ordered one.
Post #156793348 added 08-05-2022 1:59 PM by jargonjosh in Deal Talk
Maybe that’s her way of opening it up for treats! That’s her way to “solve the puzzle”.
Post #156793135 added 08-05-2022 1:46 PM by gamingdroid in Deal Talk
I think most dogs that you care for, typically reciprocate. In my case, my dog is overly reciprocating to the point that it gets anxious when I leave.
Post #156792967 added 08-05-2022 1:37 PM by EtherGnat in Deal Talk
My dog has gotten so spoiled with food toys he won't even hardly eat from his bowl anymore. When he gets hungry he just brings a food toy and drops it at our feet. I like the ones like this with no...
Post #156792550 added 08-05-2022 1:16 PM by Zookeeperdrc in Deal Talk
Sounds like she's super smart!
Post #156792526 added 08-05-2022 1:15 PM by mastermind0 in Deal Talk
My minpin figured out a shortcut for the Dog Tornado from the last deal. Just toss the dang thing around until it gives up its treasure.
Post #156792508 added 08-05-2022 1:14 PM by Gibletz in Deal Talk
Sounds like the dog needs more exercise and training. This can be a tool for that but not a silver bullet that fixes all.
Post #156792496 added 08-05-2022 1:14 PM by mastermind0 in Deal Talk
My minpin figured out a shortcut with Dog Tornado from the last deal. Just toss the dang thing until it gives up its treasure.
Post #156792475 added 08-05-2022 1:12 PM by estarn43 in Deal Talk
My parents have a dog that always seem to be bored and chew up their grandkids toys. Would this level be sufficient or should I begin at level 1? Would love to gift this to them
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