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Post #156843148 added 08-08-2022 12:17 PM by vivdeal in Hot Deals
No not compatible with Vertuo
Post #156815359 added 08-06-2022 6:03 PM by bilalsidd in Hot Deals
Does this fit the virtuo line?
Post #156812851 added 08-06-2022 3:14 PM by jomeyq in Hot Deals
At least a couple of decades away, if/when their patents lapse.
Post #156811018 added 08-06-2022 1:30 PM by morecowbell24 in Hot Deals
not seeing double coupon here
Post #156810454 added 08-06-2022 12:53 PM by johnny88 in Hot Deals
Superautomatics don’t really work when you have a dairy allergy. They don’t foam well oat milk or almond milk
Post #156806605 added 08-06-2022 9:02 AM by jayhawknative in Hot Deals
As always, it's cheap, easy, and quality - choose 2. If you want easy and quality but not cheap, you get a superauto for $500+ like the lattego. If you don't care about the lattego part milk...
Post #156805228 added 08-06-2022 7:39 AM by FrothyBits in Hot Deals
Staresso is amazing no doubt I love mine
Post #156805000 added 08-06-2022 7:27 AM by JohnR5283 in Hot Deals
You must be fun at parties, eeyore
Post #156804049 added 08-06-2022 6:16 AM by segeld in Hot Deals
Post #156803779 added 08-06-2022 5:50 AM by azchadillac in Hot Deals
100 count for me is $54.63 after 25% off coupon and subscribe and save discount. 40 count variety pack also has a deal for $27.99: https://a.co/d/4rZapNm
Post #156803662 added 08-06-2022 5:36 AM by Arrhythmia10 in Hot Deals
Which is why I moved from Breville touch to lattego 4300. More convenient then pods also, don't have to wash aeroccino. Just throw the latte go system on fridge and when need to wash - in dishwasher
Post #156803632 added 08-06-2022 5:32 AM by Arrhythmia10 in Hot Deals
It is 20% off currently but if you do the math, it is cheaper at year 2 onwards. And not to mention convenience of one touch and done
Post #156800557 added 08-05-2022 9:33 PM by oghowie in Hot Deals
No. In the app top showed 25% coupon and bottom showed a 20% coupon I had to check. Seems glitchy to me but till take it.
Post #156800533 added 08-05-2022 9:31 PM by NSTar in Hot Deals
not seeing it. Did it change when you check out?
Post #156800086 added 08-05-2022 9:00 PM by fbmd in Hot Deals
Not happening as they are still under patent. Probably another reason why why they came out with that line.
Post #156799579 added 08-05-2022 8:26 PM by oghowie in Hot Deals
Whoa I’m seeing 2 coupons stacking and the SS discount right now for the Intensity 10 Ristretto. Items: $36.95 Shipping & Handling: $0.00 Subscribe & Save -$5.54 Your Coupon Savings -$9.24
Post #156799492 added 08-05-2022 8:20 PM by Druhue in Hot Deals
Depends on use case. I have a great coffee setup at home but at work I keep a nespresso machine because it’s just too convenient. These are gateways to better brewing of course, not everyone has...
Post #156799243 added 08-05-2022 8:05 PM by johnny88 in Hot Deals
Your math is just worst than common core
Post #156799234 added 08-05-2022 8:04 PM by johnny88 in Hot Deals
I’ll give this a shot never heard of this brand before today
Post #156799216 added 08-05-2022 8:03 PM by johnny88 in Hot Deals
There are never deals. That’s why it’s highly suggested that you stay away from those machines
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