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Post #156834154 added 08-07-2022 11:36 PM by Gn3Ranger in Deal Talk
Great deal tbh, the only thing stopping me is this heat wave. Don't want hot ass spoiled tuna sitting in a delivery truck
Post #156832627 added 08-07-2022 8:35 PM by maidenfann in Deal Talk
These are great, we would make spreds with them in the joint.
Post #156832567 added 08-07-2022 8:28 PM by sup3rson1c in Deal Talk
my go to for this brand/type.
Post #156832264 added 08-07-2022 8:02 PM by barackstar in Deal Talk
I have every variety of these, and many of them have 2024/2025 "best by" dates. The microwaveable ones look like they have much shorter shelf lives.
Post #156831784 added 08-07-2022 7:25 PM by asdpmjiojqmcgysdle in Deal Talk
In general you're better off buying plain/unflavored/no salt added food and adding whatever spices and seasonings you want.
Post #156831769 added 08-07-2022 7:24 PM by asdpmjiojqmcgysdle in Deal Talk
If you exercise and sweat regularly then you need extra sodium anyway. But yeah, if you sit around on your butt all day then you're probably obese with high blood pressure and have to watch your salt...
Post #156831700 added 08-07-2022 7:16 PM by Lilyly in Deal Talk
rooster sauce no more. thanks to the cali water restrictions. cant grow shit.
Post #156830977 added 08-07-2022 6:28 PM by jonnyd13 in Deal Talk
I'd bite at this but the sodium content is ridiculous in my opinion. I buy the regular or "lite" ones and add my own cayenne pepper or other seasonings. For those not worried about salt, good deal!
Post #156830488 added 08-07-2022 5:49 PM by oregonwino in Deal Talk
I distinctly remember that...feeling. whhhhaaaaattt woooooooo
Post #156829876 added 08-07-2022 5:05 PM by ulieq in Deal Talk
Always look for good ways to clear the bowels
Post #156829801 added 08-07-2022 4:59 PM by GBAstar in Deal Talk
Not great to you compared to what? Depending on ones outlook you could easily say it's great for you compared to like 95% of the ready to eat junk in the supermarket. But for those on the fence my...
Post #156829696 added 08-07-2022 4:51 PM by unfrozen in Deal Talk
I have bought two different Tuna Creations, and I think they are pretty decent on a wrap with some mayonnaise. I used them lately with the really tiny low-carb burrito tortillas. As for the hot...
Post #156829540 added 08-07-2022 4:38 PM by splunk in Deal Talk
This is not great for you, but it would be worth getting just a few to hold you over before they EMP us in the Global Reset / New World Order. Then you will have to cook this in a Wok or something...
Post #156829030 added 08-07-2022 4:06 PM by Bennysdeals1 in Deal Talk
Hot buffalo flavored tuna...pass
Post #156828640 added 08-07-2022 3:39 PM by oregonwino in Deal Talk
GUYS----google escolar and what happens if you eat more than like 4 ounces of it (Think Dumb and Dumber bathroom scene, like for real)...I decided to eat, like 5 of these packages in one sitting...
Post #156827455 added 08-07-2022 2:14 PM by adam empire in Deal Talk
The semi on the way to Amazon was hotter.
Post #156827218 added 08-07-2022 2:02 PM by RobD24 in Deal Talk
How do you think it gets delivered to your grocery store exactly?
Post #156826711 added 08-07-2022 1:29 PM by Broncos in Deal Talk
FYI, this as well as canned goods arrive on unrefrigerator trucks to local grocery stores
Post #156826333 added 08-07-2022 1:03 PM by ErickAllen in Deal Talk
My dog loves tuna. Not so much Buffalo wing sauce.
Post #156825667 added 08-07-2022 12:19 PM by csm10495 in Deal Talk
My immediate thought was: "they make spicy cat food?" ... Was I wrong?
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