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Post #157445785 added 09-07-2022 12:06 PM by lane_meyer in Hot Deals
If you have a rural king nearby its $6.99.. Been using this for a few years. https://www.ruralking.com/catalog/product/view/id/117194
Post #157105813 added 08-20-2022 7:39 PM by jag9985 in Hot Deals
Just make sure to empty before letting sit for anything longer than a month. Will gum up much more than bar and chain or just regular motor oil. I use it in my battery powered saw. Can be use to...
Post #157010617 added 08-16-2022 1:32 AM by g10ny in Hot Deals
Too bad you can't use worcestershire sauce, it is cheaper per gallon as seen on another deal.
Post #157010050 added 08-16-2022 12:18 AM by ThriftyLinen669 in Hot Deals
In for one to lubricate the door
Post #156999364 added 08-15-2022 1:40 PM by Dingo55 in Hot Deals
I don't know about newer chainsaws, but we always use old hydraulic or compressor oil. You have to get rid of it anyways, so just put it in some old quart bottles. This isnt a demanding application.
Post #156994018 added 08-15-2022 9:46 AM by Tempest144 in Hot Deals
Yeah,.... you just find a tranny full of dirty fluid and take a wrench to it.
Post #156991855 added 08-15-2022 7:41 AM by gergev in Hot Deals
I use it on my electric pole saw. I'd imagine that bar oil wouldn't get as sticky when left unused for a long time.
Post #156991690 added 08-15-2022 7:31 AM by GimmeYoTots in Hot Deals
That's interesting... did some research and, agreed, canola oil is mentioned as a bio alternative to bar and chain oil. I'm guessing most manufacturers won't recommend it (if you know of any that...
Post #156991264 added 08-15-2022 6:57 AM by Quahog in Hot Deals
Good deal. I have to hit my local store and may grab a gallon or two if it's the same price. If i wasn't sitting on six or seven gallons of CountyLine from TSC's last sale I'd order some. ...
Post #156990700 added 08-15-2022 6:07 AM by gergev in Hot Deals
https://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Value-Canola-Oil-1-gal/13281828 $9, but I use it since it's better for environment
Post #156990691 added 08-15-2022 6:04 AM by levler24 in Hot Deals
$7.99 for a gallon of fvp bar and chain oil at menards. Ar of coarse.
Post #156990097 added 08-15-2022 4:35 AM by GimmeYoTots in Hot Deals
Canola oil is now at least $10 a gallon...
Post #156989440 added 08-15-2022 2:28 AM by gergev in Hot Deals
https://www.thetoolyard.com/2019/03/can-i-use-vegetable-oil-for-lubricating.html I use canola oil.
Post #156988735 added 08-15-2022 12:19 AM by bud8jr in Hot Deals
Will use old motor oil since it's time to change. Full synthetic.
Post #156987388 added 08-14-2022 10:21 PM by GimmeYoTots in Hot Deals
"You only lack of reading comprehension?" Peshka, you lack in many things, including proper grammar.
Post #156987226 added 08-14-2022 10:10 PM by Peshka in Hot Deals
It's ok, don't worry, you only lack of reading comprehension.
Post #156986719 added 08-14-2022 9:33 PM by thepenguin99 in Hot Deals
Pretty sure it's always around this price at WM. I bought it about 2 weeks ago for this price.
Post #156983734 added 08-14-2022 6:53 PM by Kuma1 in Hot Deals
And Lowes Pro Select for $13 - 10% military. Have used a few gals of pro select and echo. Like you said, not any diff that I can tell. Used to get Poulan cheap at WM several years ago.
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