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Post #157379380 added 09-03-2022 1:24 PM by likeTHATey in Deal Talk
Don’t know about those ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Contains
Post #157291903 added 08-30-2022 7:39 AM by jman482002 in Deal Talk
Who are all these people that can't take a normal pill, and would rather chew 3 or 4 suger-filled gummies? Yet another failure of the most recent generations. Pay attention students. Quit what...
Post #157280224 added 08-29-2022 3:24 PM by Amdc1219 in Deal Talk
This Pfizer adquired brand bottle is also sold at the "99c ONLY" stores for about 3.99.
Post #157278517 added 08-29-2022 2:18 PM by TheJerkStoreCalled in Deal Talk
Bought in the last deal and mine were strangely, visibly sticky inside the sealed container
Post #157276564 added 08-29-2022 12:45 PM by shawn2185 in Deal Talk
Most vitamins are a scam.
Post #157275229 added 08-29-2022 11:43 AM by Ilovedeals in Deal Talk
This is basically overpriced vitamin candy. They do not have anything special for immune system that a normal multivitamin gummy wouldn’t provide and excessive intake of fat soluble vitamins would...
Post #157274455 added 08-29-2022 11:04 AM by erictom in Deal Talk
can not clip coupon, unknown error
Post #157273654 added 08-29-2022 10:21 AM by mojohnnybravo in Deal Talk
i came to post "they call 750mg high potency?" and then saw your posts. thats pretty nuts LOL the audacity for them to claim 'high potency' what a horrid deal and a product. TD.
Post #157199875 added 08-25-2022 9:56 AM by term in Deal Talk
Vitafusion for men or women has similar ingredients. Costs less.
Post #156997294 added 08-15-2022 12:11 PM by besi in Deal Talk
45 count ? Should be 145
Post #156963709 added 08-13-2022 5:09 PM by the_dealseeker in Deal Talk
Never a good sign when you have to hunt for the ingredients and then you find the 3 primary ingredients to be various forms of sugar. Ingredients Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Contains
Post #156961336 added 08-13-2022 2:27 PM by desynergy in Deal Talk
It still has a bunch of other proven benefits. People that have to take iron are usually told to take it with vitamin C. It's also still one of the best antioxidants.
Post #156959167 added 08-13-2022 12:22 PM by calibanPK in Deal Talk
Wasn’t vitamin C debunked as not having any association as a panacea for colds/illness? That Adam ruins everything guy I think he did a video on it. Anyway, in for 1.
Post #156958567 added 08-13-2022 11:54 AM by SharpDesk9865 in Deal Talk
11grams of carbs per 3-gummy serving. Candy masquerading as vitamins. ...
Post #156958177 added 08-13-2022 11:35 AM by JayDee917 in Deal Talk
1 serving is 3 gummies. Basically 15 days of vitamins for $5, not a good deal.
Post #156957976 added 08-13-2022 11:26 AM by sjguy01 in Deal Talk
FYI it’s 15 servings of 3 gummies. 250mg per 1 gummie not 750mg.
Post #156957964 added 08-13-2022 11:24 AM by seotaji in Deal Talk
$7 for 45 pieces? That's pretty expensive for candy. With s&s it's a little better, but it's still expensive for what you get. If you have a Costco membership, their vit c gummies are on sale...
Post #157273285 added 08-12-2022 6:17 PM by qwikwit in Deal Talk
Amazon has 45-Count Emergen-C Immune+ Gummies w/ Vitamin D for $4.69 when you 'clip' the 25% coupon and checkout via Subscribe & Save. Shipping is free w/ Prime or on orders $25+. Thanks to...
Post #156946111 added 08-12-2022 6:17 PM by phoinix in Deal Talk
Price: $10.30 lower (69% savings) than the list price of $14.99 25% coupon applied at checkout. Subscribe & Save orders only. Subscribe & Save: Tier|5%|15%* Price|$4.69|$4.02 *Save 15% when...

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