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Post #157053391 added 08-17-2022 11:26 PM by silcam in Deal Talk
Yep, and they charge tax on it as well, plus they estimated another 80 cents tax on my $1.23 purchase (65% tax), and Iā€™m in a state that has no tax on food products. The prices adjust AFTER you...
Post #157030468 added 08-16-2022 8:21 PM by gargh16 in Deal Talk
How did u stack these
Post #157030453 added 08-16-2022 8:20 PM by gargh16 in Deal Talk
Mine just took only one coupon
Post #157026886 added 08-16-2022 4:39 PM by howdy_tx in Deal Talk
I wonder what is the max time you can use this coupon on separate transactions ? Anyone know ?
Post #157023151 added 08-16-2022 1:22 PM by tu1820 in Deal Talk
Vote with your wallet?
Post #157017772 added 08-16-2022 9:32 AM by alpha_1976 in Deal Talk
Back in 2019, I believe sams club closed like 70 stores.
Post #157012435 added 08-16-2022 5:08 AM by prushnix in Deal Talk
I think Sprouts charges for pickup. $1.99 for over $35 and $3.99 for under $35.
Post #156999622 added 08-15-2022 12:53 PM by GVK in Deal Talk
Jokers charging 0.80 for paper bag and there is no option to reject it also. Fees $0.80 Paper Bag Fee
Post #156999280 added 08-15-2022 12:37 PM by TheBigLibaoski in Deal Talk
Went in store (So Cal location) and did each transaction separately at self checkout. Each was already on sale for $3.59. So $2 off plus redcard savings brought it down to $1.51. No tax.
Post #156999103 added 08-15-2022 12:29 PM by ralph633 in Deal Talk
I could not get the "save offer" to work. Ended up at the Help chat and the helper couldn't find the offer, then tried to give me a 50% discount. I persisted and finally got $2 of each of 8 units. ...
Post #156997657 added 08-15-2022 11:25 AM by bionicwoman1 in Deal Talk
Someone posted that that they had to order the peanuts separate times to get the $2 off coupon each time. I was able to place four separate orders to save $2 each time ($8 total).
Post #156990997 added 08-15-2022 5:34 AM by lxc1227 in Deal Talk
$2.99 -$2 = $.99 I could only order one.
Post #156989149 added 08-15-2022 12:25 AM by Marcaine44 in Deal Talk
I lmao!!!!šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚
Post #156988750 added 08-14-2022 11:20 PM by zeelurker in Deal Talk
What a bargain! My store SF West shows a price of $5.99 :eek:
Post #156987175 added 08-14-2022 9:05 PM by bobnj1 in Deal Talk
Sam's club does not charge for store pickup in NJ
Post #156984454 added 08-14-2022 6:34 PM by EagerRailway435 in Deal Talk
That would be your state or local govt
Post #156983665 added 08-14-2022 5:49 PM by Nack in Deal Talk
$3.29 - $2.00 = $1.29 for a pound of honey roasted peanuts. Pre-pandemic prices are fun once in a while. šŸ˜‚
Post #156981442 added 08-14-2022 3:41 PM by arribasn in Deal Talk
some areas may count them as snacks and have a snack tax
Post #156981142 added 08-14-2022 3:27 PM by linksyss in Deal Talk
What $1.50 circle offer. I only saw this one ($2).
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